Q: What Are Abortive Medications?

A:Abortive medications, when used at the first sign of a migraine , can stop the process that causes the headache pain. By stopping the headache process, abortive...Read More »

Q: What is Abortion - medical ?

A:A medical, or nonsurgical, abortion can be done within 7 weeks from the first day of the woman's last period. A combination of prescription hormone medicines ar...Read More »

Q: How to abort medically in 17weeks?

A:My heart goes out to you. Please do not hurt yourself. There are so many options available to help you. If you let me know what state you are in, I'll find and ...Read More »

Q: How to abort medically at 17weeks.

A:You'd probably end up with a dead fetus stuck inside you. You'd need surgery to have it removed. You should just talkt to your doctor, and be done with.Read More »

Q: What is a better option for abortion medical pill or surgical?

A:none at all. abortion is never the best option.Read More »

abortion medical

Is the abortion pill safe and effective? Planned Parenthood answers your questions about how medical abortion ends an early pregnancy.
It requires fewer office visits- The procedure takes a short amount of time- It is more effective than medical abortion (less risk of an incomplete procedure) .
A North Carolina bill introduced this month would prevent state medical school departments from allowing employees to perform abortions or to .
Medical abortion is the use of medicine to end a pregnancy. The medicine helps remove the fetus and placenta from the mother s womb (uterus). There are .
In the UK, abortions can only be carried out in a hospital or a specialist licensed clinic. There are a number of different medical and surgical methods of abortion.
What is it? Medical abortion is an abortion caused by medicine rather than surgery. In Canada, two medications are used in medical abortions: methotrexate and .
What is the abortion pill? The abortion pill is a medicine that ends a pregnancy. The medical name for the abortion pill is mifepristone. It works by blocking the .
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Missed abortion, misoprostol, d&c?
I went thru a D&C several years ago, and the doctors put a tube down my throat during the procedure, and yes, my jaw and throat felt swollen for a few days. It's very normal, and it'll get better soon. Sorry about your loss.

How Much does an Abortion cost?
First-trimester abortion typically costs anywhere between $300 and $950. The actual cost will depend on the clinic itself, whether or not it is a low-income clinic and how much money you make (these will often vary their fees on a sliding scale based on income, or can work out payment plans)...

Does the health care bill cover abortions?
The "bill" is just a vast hodge-podge at this point. A huge smokescreen. A hall of mirrors. If a bill is enacted, which I doubt, it will address this issue in specific terms, or it won't. If it doesn't, then the Supreme Court of the US will have to decide what the law is. Two contrary principles...

Why do republicans keep using abortions as a platform?
Abortion is the best example to show how the Republicans exploit the Christian Right without ever actually DOING anything for them. Abortion was 'designed' as an issue for the 1980 campaign of Ronald Reagan to get the southern Christin vote. In the previous election, many Christians had voted...

Questions about underage pregnancy laws in utah?
I live in utah and your story seems just like what my cousin did age and everything. the consent age here is 16. if the father is over 18 the parents have the option to press charges and that could result in him going to jail. the girl will not. her parents cannot force her to have an abortion...