Q: Is abortion a medical procedure or murder?

A:From our video partners Pregnancy Taking care of yourself with baby on the way. Abortion is a type of Medical Procedure BUT it is opinionated if it is murder or...Read More »

Q: Is abortion a medical procedure or murder?

A:Abortion is a type of Medical Procedure BUT it is opinionated if it is murder or not.Read More »

Q: Abortion the medical procedure?or the pill?

A:If you go to a Planned Parenthood clinic that has a low-income program it can be as cheap as 100$ If you tells them you have no job, no money and no support the...Read More »

Q: Abortion, medical procedure? What patient is being cared for duri...

A:When I had a miscarriage, I had to have a D&C...dilation and curettage. That is comparable to a first trimester abortion.... I believe that partial birth aborti...Read More »

Q: Abortion reporting in the era of medical procedures: why is it im...

A:Surveillance Unit, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, USA.Read More »

abortion medical procedure

For women seeking a medical abortion procedure, a sonogram is recommended to determine if the pregnancy is viable (uterine, non-ectopic pregnancy) and for .
Medication (non-surgical) abortion offers an alternative to surgery for women in the early weeks of pregnancy. In Australia, mifepristone (RU486 .
There are a number of different medical and surgical methods of abortion.In most cases, an abortion in hospital will be carried out as a day procedure and you .
You may be offered the option to have an in-clinic abortion procedure. Or you may be offered the option to have a medication abortion by taking the abortion pill.
Reasons to Choose a Suction Curettage (Surgical) Abortion.It is more effective than medical abortion (less risk of an incomplete procedure)- Women usually .
The medical name for the abortion pill is mifepristone. It works by blocking the. Unpredictable time to complete the procedure (variable) Side effects of drugs .
Chart: Comparison Between Surgical Abortion and Medical Abortion.If medical abortion does not work, will you be OK with a surgical procedure? ___ Yes .
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What positions have the national Democratic and Republican parties taken on abortion in their recent platforms?
As a general rule of thumb the Democraticn platform is pro-abortion and the Republican is anti-abortion. The most recent and current are right in line with what I've stated.

Getting an abortion in an hour? so.scared?
Yes, they give you something to relax you. It's not a big deal. The videos make it a lot more scary. I'm surprised though that they are not giving you the abortion pill, which is a lot less to deal with. Anyway, abortion when it's legal is among the safest medical procedures. You'll be fine...

Crisis Pregnancy help? What are my rights to abortion in New Jersey? If you are under or over 18 years old and want an abortion, you are NOT required to ask your parent/s or guardian for permission, or tell them. If you go to a Planned Parenthood...

Is a Christian,who in the Name of Jesus,blows up an abortion clinic and kills the innocents inside a terrorist?
Yes. A Christian who bombs an abortion clinic in the name of his religion is a religious terrorist.

How are some ways you can terminate an early pregnancy?
Well the only way to kill (terminate) a pregnancy is an abortion. If there is not a pregnancy yet (if you JUST had sex under 4 or 5 days ago) then she needs to take a Plan B pill, which she can go to the doctor and he will prescribe or if she is 18 she can buy it at the pharmacy. I seriously...