Q: Can you get a loan for an abortion?

A:I cannot believe how insensitive we as woman can be to one another. If you research abortion clinics in your area you may find some that offer discounted or fre...Read More »

Q: Are there any abortion clinics in Fresno CA that offer loans for ...

A:please dont judge me, i just need an answer. no negitive feedback, this decision has been hard enough as it is. "Looking for "free" or "no cost" family planning...Read More »

Q: Could you recommend any organizations that provide loans/grants/a...

A:Hello Kelli, The National Abortion Federation operates a toll-free hotline which provides referrals for abortion services and funding. They can be reached at 1...Read More »

Q: Supposively on valentines day he was on a busines trip , as soon ...

A:The fact that you are asking should tell you something already. You are being played, kick him out before you lose even more.Read More »

Q: Im beginning to become really interested politics and i have my o...

A:If you want to learn about politics, you MUST learn about ECONOMICS. They are so intertwined. I suggest you start be reading the book, "Capitalism and Freedom, ...Read More »

abortion loans

The Jane Doe Loan Fund can help pay for your abortion if you are getting an abortion in one of these counties, even if you live outside this area: Genesee, .
Arizona. Abortion Access Network of Arizona Arizona.Maine. Safe Abortions For Everyone (SAFE) Maine.Michigan. Jane Doe Loan Fund Michigan .
Abortion Clinics On-Line Abortion Clinics OnLine is a directory service comprised of websites of over 150 providers of abortion services and other reproductive .
Women s Medical Fund usually grants or loans up to one-half the cost of an abortion, although in tragic cases more money sometimes is granted. Her application .
Though Maryland is one of the few states that cover abortion for certain women receiving Medicaid, women without this coverage but in financial need must have .
“Buffer zones” should be set up around abortion clinics to prevent women being “ intimidated and distressed” by anti-abortion activists, leading .
From “Fund Abortion Now“, the blog of the National Network of Abortion Funds – non-profits that provide financial assistance to women in need .
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Planned Parenthood Services?
Planned Parenthood specializes in abortions. That is how they make their money. If you want a free ultrasound, you should call your local crisis pregnancy center, many of whom offer this service for free. You can find the closest one to you by calling CareNet, googling abortion...

What are the current laws on abortion? In US & Canada?
Canada effectively has no abortion law. While there is a law on the books, it is not constitutionally enforceable. Abortions are covered by section 287 of the Criminal Code. Under the law, a woman can have an abortion after meeting with a panel of three doctors, who would approve the abortion...

Free abortion clinics in new york city?
Most places won't do it that far along!

Sex 2 weeks after abortion. Safe?
Yes, it should be safe. If you are experiencing no abdominal or vaginal pain currently, then you should be completely fine to have sex again. If it hurts, though, stop immediately and check if there is any bleeding. If sex does hurt you, and continues to hurt you for days afterward, go see...

What are the abortion stats?
I've looked for stats on sites not affiliated with either side. They are hard to find I usually rely on EDIT is a prolife site but uses non-prolife sites, like planned parenthood, for their statistics. They have the links...