Q: Where can I find some real live Abortion Videos?

A:go to youtube and type in live abortions. It shows you NASTY videos that rip the baby apart, limb by limb part by part. be prepared. I bawled the first time I s...Read More »

Q: Is it wrong for pro-lifers (or people who lobby against abortion)...

A:I am strongly pro-life. That said, I have never been fond of this tactic. I don't like the shock aspect, I think it's perpetuates a negative stereotype of pro-l...Read More »

Q: What is live birth abortion?

A:Live abortion is when the mother is induced into labor and has her child. The baby is usually very premature because it has not yet been fully developed. It is ...Read More »

Q: How to Stream Live Video.

A:1. Connect a webcam or video camera to your computer. This guide assumes that your hardware is compatible with your computer and functioning properly. 2. Go to ...Read More »

Q: How to Turn Live Video Into Animation.

A:1. Open After Effects. Go to "File>Import>File," find your footage, and press "Open.". 2. Go to "Composition>New," and press "OK.". 3. Go to "Composition>Make M...Read More »

abortion live video

This video shows an abortion and the bodies of aborted babies. It is extremely graphic and disturbing. There are millions of abortions done .
Live Action s "What is Human?" video details late-term abortion procedures, and is changing minds about abortion.
An abortion is an expulsion of a fetus or embryo from uterus. This is a. download this video 273772 views | 2m 38s.Facebook, Yahoo, AOL, Windows Live.
Live Action s “What is Human?” undercover investigative video probes America s late-term abortion industry, and reveals chilling admissions .
With the exception of the final scene (a second-trimester fetus), all of the video you will see depicts children who were killed during first-trimester abortions.
EMILY S ABORTION VIDEO from Emily Letts on Vimeo. Emily Letts.Awesome professor live-tweets her kid s abstinence sex education class.
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Abortion pill???
I took the abortion pill about a month ago. I went to the clinic for an initial visit to confirm the pregnancy and make an appointment for the actual abortion. On the day of the abortion I went into the clinic and was there for about two hours in total. They did an ultra sound to make sure...

Is it weird that I want to volunteer at an abortion clinic?
I don't think it's weird. Unless you're a nurse, the only volunteer position you would get is being an escort. You help women get into the clinic, since sometimes protestors block the entrances. If I lived near a clinic, I would consider doing it!

How do you feel about Barack Obama's view on late term abortion?
Such an important issue is between the mom and her doctor. Too many self-proclaimed "righteous" people who are rabidly against abortions think they have a right to dictate to everyone their own opinions when in fact, the only person they can control is themselves. Instead of pushing others...

Abortion clinics in melbourne. im 17, help me!?
I know how you feel with the whole not telling the parents thing - sometimes they just cant understand that your not the kid they NEED you to be. Its ok. Make sure you realize exactly what you are doing - my mom got an abortion at 14 but she has never gotten over it. She knew she wouldnt have...

Did Madonna have an abortion?
Its none of our business!