Q: What is the appeal of Lil Wayne?

A:It's all about perspective. Hot. Not. Anyone who can make a song like this. freestyling. can rap, no questions asked. He started out dressing. preppy. so he wou...Read More »

Q: How tall is Lil Wayne?

A:This says he's 5'6" stion/h.Read More »

Q: How to Rap Like Lil Wayne.

A:1. Celebrate the South. In order to rap like Lil Wayne, it is important to understand his origins. The hardships of unique culture of Southern Blacks are key re...Read More »

Q: How to Write Lil Wayne in Prison.

A:1. Decide what you are going to say in your letter. As with all inmates, it is important to say positive things. Not that you have to agree with the actions tha...Read More »

Q: Who is Lil Wayne's agent?

A:Bobby Zongstripe.Read More »

abortion lil wayne

Another song about the Young Money Crew that Weezy rolls with. They re “in the belly of the beast/ and she s thinking bout abortion”. They live risky lives, on the .
Lyrics to "Abortion" song by LIL WAYNE: I see you with your palms in your pants But me, me, see me, I got the world in my hands I make it sp.
View the Lil Wayne Abortion lyrics and music video. I see you with your palms in your pants, But me, me, see me, I got the world in my hands, I make it spin on .
Lyrics to Abortion by Lil Wayne. / And I see you with your palms in your pants / But me, me, see me, I got the world in my hands / I make it spin on my.
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