Q: Is Abortion the leading cause of death in the USA?

A:50 million and counting all because some claim murder is a right!Read More »

Q: Did you know abortion is the leading cause of death in America?

A:Untrue. Since an embryo/fetus was never born and never issued a birth certificate, it doesn't count in regular statistics and is technically still a part of the...Read More »

Q: What is the leading cause of an abortion?

A:Unwanted pregnancies.Read More »

Q: What are the leading causes of deaths?

A:i'm pretty sure that the leading cause of deaths is auto wrecks, and shootings i'm pretty sure that the leading cause of deaths is auto wrecks, and shootings it...Read More »

Q: What Are the Leading Causes of Death in Middle Childhood?

A:Accidents of varying description are the deadliest threats during middle childhood, with 1,387 deaths between the ages of seven and thirteen due to unintentiona...Read More »

abortion leading cause of death

Abortion is now the leading cause of death in the US, with 1,310,000 pre-born innocent human beings ripped apart in their mothers wombs .
Hey, did you know that the leading cause of DEATH in the United States is not heart disease? It s true. I saw it on Facebook, thanks to a tip from .
Deaths from legal abortion include that of Tonya Reaves, a young mother who. While abortion was the leading cause of death for a pregnant .
Abortion snuffs out more black lives than all other causes of death, combined ( according to the CDC). Using statistics from 2008 (because that is the most recent .
Sudden Unexpected Infant Death: CDC s Division of Reproductive Health.risk behaviors that contribute markedly to the leading causes of death,.The abortion rate was 13.9 abortions per 1,000 women aged 15–44 years .
A House GOP memo obtained by Mother Jones argues for a controversial " prenatal discrimination bill" by referring to "black abortions" as .
In 2008, according to the Guttmacher Institute, there were approximately 1.21 million induced abortions in the U.S. According to the CDC [PDF], .
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How long do you have to wait to get a abortion in new york state?
There is no legally required waiting period to get an abortion in New York. It depends how soon the clinic can fit you in, which might be a couple of days. Abortion is legal in New York state until 24 weeks, but earlier abortion is safer, cheaper and less unpleasant, so contact a clinic as...

Whats the percent of abortions a day?
Number of abortions per year: 1.37 Million (1996) Number of abortions per day: Approximately 3,700 Who's having abortions (age)? 52% of women obtaining abortions in the U.S. are younger than 25: Women aged 20-24 obtain 32% of all abortions- Teenagers obtain 20% and girls under 15 account for...

Pros and cons of abortions?
Pros: Abortion stops a rapist from being rewarded with a child. Each abortion saves the life of 5 loved and wanted children. Abortion does not force a child to live with non biological parents. Abortion is used by God in the form of miscarriage to make the world a better place. When a woman...

Did conservatives achieve their goal now that Texas only has 8 remaining abortion providers?
The informative question about sums it up. The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals effectively gave the "mission accomplished" stamp for conservative, anti-choice Texans last week with its ruling. In the whole big dern state of Texas, there are now only 8 legitimate abortion providers via clinics...