Q: Abortion Laws in the U.S.

A:A vast majority of states require that abortions be performed by licensed physicians. Some states also require that abortions be performed in hospitals. In some...Read More »

Q: What are the current abortion laws in the U.S.?

A:abortion is legal in EVERY state this was passed by the supreme court's ruling in Roe v. Wade (1973) established that the right to have an abortion is protected...Read More »

Q: Abortion u agree with my view...?

A:i agree with you they give reasoning like mental health or a young girl being unable to cope, but if they can cope with having sex then they can cope with deali...Read More »

Q: What are three laws reguarding abortion in the U.S?

A:There are hundreds of laws regarding abortion, a few federal but mostly by state. The standard for any law (per the Supreme Court in 1992) is that the law canno...Read More »

Q: U.S. laws of abortion?

A:From our video partners Pregnancy Taking care of yourself with baby on the way. In the related link below you can search state by state to find out what the law...Read More »

abortion law u.s

[edit]. Since 1995, led by Congressional Republicans, the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate have moved . Abortion in the United States - Planned Parenthood v. Casey
[edit]. Abortion laws in the U.S. prior to Roe. Illegal. Legal in case of rape. Legal in case of danger to woman.
have constructed a lattice work of abortion law, codifying, regulating and limiting .The following table highlights the major provisions of these state laws.
After weeks of wrangling over anti-abortion language, Senate leadership announced a deal Tuesday to move forward on a bill to stem human .
An overview of the history and legality of abortion in the United States.
Women in the United States haven t always had the right to an abortion. Before 1973, individual states were allowed to decide whether abortion would be legal .
The Supreme Court s decision in the 1972 case of Roe v. Wade was -- and is still -- the most important decision affecting abortion in the United States. Roe made .
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DIY abortions? Herbal abortions? Anything?
DIY abortion is VERY VERY dangerous and can also be fatal. Concerns such as infections hemorrhage etc.. are REAL. Without knowing how far along you are its hard to give proper or helpful advice. Where are you located? I'm sure there's a planned parenthood, sexual health clinic etc or welfare...

man, we are so lucky just to get born without genetic anomolies that screw up our lives. all kinds of stuff can happen. why do you think there are so many spontaneous abortions???

At what time in a womens pregnancy is it a partial birth abortion?
Partial Birth (PB) abortion is not an actual medical term. There is no such thing as a "partial" birth. "PB" abortions are permitted in most states now....during the 12 - 15 weeks period is when most "PB" abortions are performed. See the following links for information relating to this subject:...

Are there risks to abortion?
I have never heard of any connection between abortion and cancer,very rarely there is a risk that the procedure may affect future fertility or the ability to carry a child to term but these risks are extremely low and often get exaggerated by people who are against abortion when in reality...

Why Would Abortion Laws Be Federal? ?
The Canadian Supreme Court held, in R. v. Morgantaler, that Section 287 of the Criminal Code, which criminalized abortions, conflicted with Section 7 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. In other words, the Court struck down the anti-abortion statute on federal grounds. So, to answer your...