Q: New Abortion Law in Oklahoma

A:Abortion has always been a controversial issue. Most people I know have pretty strong feelings on one side or the other. Thus, not surprisingly there are issues...Read More »

Q: New abortion law's in Oklahoma, what do you think?

A:I think: 1. Small communities will be able to figure out who has an abortion. 2. Violent crime will happen against the women who are believed to have had an abo...Read More »

Q: New Abortion Laws in Oklahoma Redefine 'Informed Consent'

A:Abortion laws in Oklahoma put a new twist on 'informed consent' as they make ultrasound and heartbeat sounds mandatory aspects of the practice. Is it overkill o...Read More »

Q: How does Rachael Maddow show take on Oklahoma abortion law?

A:Rachel Maddow Show Takes On Oklahoma Abortion Disclosure Law. First Posted: 10- 9-09 11:48 AM | Updated: 10- 9-09 02:42 PM. On last night's Rachel Maddow Show, ...Read More »

Q: What is the reason for Judge extends block on Oklahoma abortion l...

A:the reason for Judge extends block on Oklahoma abortion law... The Fine Print:By submitting any content for posting you acknowledge and agree to the following: ...Read More »

abortion law in oklahoma

Abortion facts for Oklahoma.the state s health exchange under the Affordable Care Act can only cover abortion in cases when the woman s life is endangered, .
Chart providing details of Oklahoma Abortion Laws.
WASHINGTON -- WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court said Monday it will leave in place an Oklahoma court ruling that struck down a state law limiting.
ANTI-CHOICE LAWS. Abortion Bans. Oklahoma has criminal bans on abortion. Details ». Biased Counseling & Mandatory Delay. Oklahoma law subjects .
The Oklahoma Supreme Court on Tuesday blocked two new laws that critics say may have made it difficult for women to obtain abortions in the .
Two new abortion laws — one that requires doctors to have admitting.The group is appealing both recent decisions, asking the Oklahoma .
Abortion in the United States is legal, via the landmark case of Roe v. Wade. However.Oklahoma, Yes, No, No, Yes, Yes, No, Yes, 96%, Yes, No, No, No.
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Historical, scientific, medical, psychological background on abortion (detailed)??
It's hard to find anything that doesn't take one side or the other.

Christian beliefs on abortion?
The only circumstance that I view abortion to be legitimate is in the case you mentioned. Ectopic Pregnancies ("tubal pregnancies") happen when the egg implants in areas other than the uterus. In such a case, there is almost no chance of the child surviving, and the mother may also die due...

When you are asked to write a review about an article, what does it mean?
You don't have anything about the people in the article. Write about why the doctor said he did the abortion, why did the girl say she wanted one. Write your opinion about what happened. The assignment is to give your inference. Include some facts or statistics but only as they relate to the...

Is it possible to get an abortion without your parents knowing?
That depends on your local state laws, some states are liberal and do not have any consent laws, other states are very strict. This site will explain your rights to birth control, pregnancy testing, condoms, emergency contraception (aka, "EC" or the "morning-after pill), HIV and STD testing...

What punishment do Abortion Clinics Busted killing over 100 babies born alive deserve?
In the liberals world view, they deserve a nice big grant from the tax payers.