Q: Is abortion like murder to the baby?

A:Yes. A baby in the womb is a living human being from the moment of conception, and killing him/her is murder.Read More »

Q: Is Abortion Murder Of A Baby?

A:Such a complicated question really. A friend of mine had an abortion because she had been doing drugs and drinking every day and suddenly found out she was preg...Read More »

Q: Who is pro-abortion aka murdering innocent babies in the whom to ...

A:Pro-Life, entirely. Killing a person doesnt correct a mistake. The men who say it should be the womans choice shouldnt even be answering in this forum. If its a...Read More »

Q: Why is abortion not murder?

A:Because a baby is not technically classed as a person until it takes it's first breath. Added: Actually, as a legal question (in the US) it is worded too broadl...Read More »

Q: Why is murder a crime but abortion is not?

A:That is also a question I ask my self because an unborn fetus is a living person that is not compleat. I try to understand why women would actually have an abor...Read More »

abortion is murdering a baby

Debate whether or not abortion should be considered murder. Voice your opinion .So why would it make sense to justify a mother killing her baby? What if a . Replies: Least to Most - Created: Old to New - Likes: Most to Least - Replies
Abortion is murder. Each abortion snuffs out an innocent human life. Tragically, doctors have deceived the American public. Referring to unborn babies as "fetus .
If there is any doubt that at least some abortion providers know that abortion is killing a baby, it is put to rest by British abortionist Judith Arcana:.
The question of whether or not abortion is murder typically leads to asking what is a baby and what isn t yet a baby, but merely a "zygote", "embryo" or "fetus".
10 reasons against abortion, pro-choice position.Pro-life baby.This is because Church teaching on abortion is clear and unequivocal: Abortion is murder.
Many reject the idea that abortion (killing the fetus in the womb) is the murder of .However, the answer to a few simple questions prove that the unborn child is .
Anti-abortion activists like to call embryos "unborn children", "innocent babies" or "developing human beings". Their obvious aim is to shame people into .
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