Q: Is abortion like murder to the baby?

A:Yes. A baby in the womb is a living human being from the moment of conception, and killing him/her is murder.Read More »

Q: Is Abortion Murder Of A Baby?

A:Such a complicated question really. A friend of mine had an abortion because she had been doing drugs and drinking every day and suddenly found out she was preg...Read More »

Q: Who is pro-abortion aka murdering innocent babies in the whom to ...

A:Pro-Life, entirely. Killing a person doesnt correct a mistake. The men who say it should be the womans choice shouldnt even be answering in this forum. If its a...Read More »

Q: Why is abortion not murder?

A:Because a baby is not technically classed as a person until it takes it's first breath. Added: Actually, as a legal question (in the US) it is worded too broadl...Read More »

Q: Why is murder a crime but abortion is not?

A:That is also a question I ask my self because an unborn fetus is a living person that is not compleat. I try to understand why women would actually have an abor...Read More »

abortion is murdering a baby

Debate whether or not abortion should be considered murder. Voice your opinion .So why would it make sense to justify a mother killing her baby? What if a . Replies: Least to Most - Created: Old to New - Likes: Most to Least - Replies
Abortion is murder. Each abortion snuffs out an innocent human life. Tragically, doctors have deceived the American public. Referring to unborn babies as "fetus .
If there is any doubt that at least some abortion providers know that abortion is killing a baby, it is put to rest by British abortionist Judith Arcana:.
The question of whether or not abortion is murder typically leads to asking what is a baby and what isn t yet a baby, but merely a "zygote", "embryo" or "fetus".
10 reasons against abortion, pro-choice position.Pro-life baby.This is because Church teaching on abortion is clear and unequivocal: Abortion is murder.
Many reject the idea that abortion (killing the fetus in the womb) is the murder of .However, the answer to a few simple questions prove that the unborn child is .
Anti-abortion activists like to call embryos "unborn children", "innocent babies" or "developing human beings". Their obvious aim is to shame people into .
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What's the longest you can wait to have an abortion?
Most- but not all- states and countries ban elective abortion after the point of fetal viability (24 weeks). And yes, there are different procedures depending on how far along the pregnancy is- you can read about them here (no worries, no graphic pictures, just straightforward medical text):...

Opinions on abortion?
I think this has to be decided by the woman who is pregnant. While I don't like abortion, it's not my place to force another woman to have a child. The child might be physically deformed or have a genetic defect that would cause it to have a life of unimaginable suffering. Sometimes the pregnancy...

Chances of having a succesfull pregnancy after 2 misscarriages and 1 abortion?
well your right shes in no condition mentally or physically to have a kid. i know someone who had an abortion as a teen and a miscarrige later in their very early twenties. she is now pregnant and in her second trimester. in the clear for a miscarrige now. and everything seems to be going perfect...

Why do pro-life people refer to pro-choice people as pro-abortion?
Because at pro-choice clinics you are persuaded the benefits of having an abortion and the lobbyists for pro-choice help fund abortions. Pro-choice ''abortion clinics'' are stationed in areas close to public housing where the poorest people live.. targeting them.. just waiting to kill their...

Abortion pill in California?
An abortion costs between $300-$800. This depends on how far along you are, where you go, and what type of abortion you get. But you can expect at least a few hundred. You won't get one for free so you might wanna figure out how to come up with the cost. Everyone says they 'can't' tell their...