Q: Abortion=Infertility?

A:Many woman miscarry at the beginning of a pregnancy it does not cause infertility nor do the morning after pills. As a woman gets older it is harder to get preg...Read More »

Q: Abortion and infertility?

A:You're fine. If there had any major issue that cause infertility you would know about it (like infections). The other issues would be damage to the cervix (whic...Read More »

Q: How can one abortion cause infertility?

A:When it comes to complications it's the same as childbirth. So infections and bleeding etc can lead to infertility if you are unlucky and doesn't take care of y...Read More »

Q: Does abortion cause infertility?

A:Becoming infertile due to an abortion performed in a hospital or clinic is very rare. If there were a significant infertility problem, we would assume that some...Read More »

Q: Can abortion lead to infertility?

A:Infertility as a result of a legal termination carried out by a skilled doctor is rare. Inflammation of the Fallopian tubes and ovaries caused by the chlamydia ...Read More »

abortion infertility

It s unlikely that having an abortion in the UK will affect your fertility. However, if you become pregnant in the future, you may have a slightly increased risk of .
Find out if having undergone an abortion could affect your ability to conceive.
Pregnancy after abortion — A Mayo Clinic specialist discusses whether abortion can cause infertility or pregnancy complications in a .
Women with infertility of 1-5 years duration after an abortion, have had bone fragments discovered on vaginal ultrasound, and conceived after removal.
In my many years of practice of medical ultrasound I have attended to thousands of women suffering from infertility due to many causes including abortion, legal .
There is no scientific evidence which establishes that an abortion performed under these circumstances poses any notable risk to a woman s future fertility.
Routine abortion does not cause problems with fertility. Infertility problems are caused by unusual scarring of the uterus after a D&C procedure (for abortion, .
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Does a mother's right to live supercede the unborn's rights if the mother's life is in danger? (Abortion)?
Yes, the mother is more important. To others that disagree ... derf-der-der, without the mother the unborn child is going to die anyway. But I suppose you might not consider those procedure's as being an abortion at all... as in the cause of an ectopic pregnancy (fetus not in the womb, commonly...

Interview questions on abortion?
What were some the reasons you choose to have your abortions? What made you change your view on abortions? What do you wish you had known before getting your abortions? What do you want young girls to know about abortion? Do you agree that parents should be aware that their daughter could be...

Abortion methods?
there are 3 trimesters followed in abortion (to know what method to use), the 1st trimester(fetus is 1-3 months old), 2nd trimester(4-6months) and 3rd trimester(7-9months) 1ST TRIMESTER: D & C - cervix is dilated - small body of fetus is cut apart and is taken out of the womb - the cut-up fetus...

Where can I get an abortion in California?
Califronia's Medicaid Offices - Get emergency coverage to pay for your abortion if you qualify Some other funding specifically for California - This will help you find a clinic that takes Medicaid/MediCal...

Any details/facts about abortion?
The Alan Guttmacher Institute is pretty highly respected by both pro-choice and pro-life organizations as a good, professional, very thorough source of raw data and analysis on issues of reproductive healthcare: Here's a great fact sheet on abortion: http://www.guttmacher...