Q: What is the legal age for abortion in Indiana?

A:Indiana law restricts young women's access to abortion. Is the law enforceable? Yes. Who is considered a minor? A young woman under the age of 18 who is not ema...Read More »

Q: When is the latest to get an abortion in Indiana?

A:Before 20 weeks.Read More »

Q: How much is an abortion at the abortion clinic in gary Indiana?

A:No one could answer. I guess no one on Answers has had an abortion in Gary. I suggest that you contact the abortion clinic and ask. Do this right away. An abort...Read More »

Q: Where is the nearest abortion center in south bend indiana?

A:The Women's Pavilion located at 2010 Ironwood Circle in South Bend can help, ph: 574-272-1010. Ask !!Read More »

Q: How much does an abortion cost in the state of indiana?

A:Generally, the average cost for abortion is around $400 to $2000 depending on abortion type and weeks of gestation.Read More »

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Abortion facts for Indiana.Abortion is a common experience: At current rates, about one in three American women will have had an abortion by the time she .
Is Abortion Legal? Yes. In January 1973, the Supreme Court stated that the decision to terminate a pregnancy should rest with the woman and her health care .
Planned Parenthood of Indiana & Kentucky.Get the Facts. Abortion ·- Birth Control ·- Morning-After Pill (Emergency Contraception) ·- STDs ·- Women s Health. Contact Us - Jobs - Patient Resources - Who We Are
Indiana Abortion Clinics - providing medical abortion, surgical abortion, and the abortion pill.
When you make your appointment we will need to make arrangement for you to obtain information mandated by the State of Indiana. You must receive this .
In February, 33-year-old Purvi Patel of Southern Indiana became the be convicted of feticide for attempting to induce her own abortion.
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Can taking the abortion pill cause birth defects in the future?
No, not at all. The abortion pill is a completely safe way to end an unwanted pregnancy. It won't affect your health or your fertility in the future. In fact, it's possible to get pregnant very soon after having an abortion -- so make sure you use protection during sex or get on birth control...

Abortion at 22 weeks?
I agree. That unless you're that far along and have medical issues,you shouldn't be allowed to get them. I think you have to have medical issues to get them late term though,but I may be wrong. I don't understand how a dr could feel right about themselves about aborting a child that has a life...

Why doesnt anyone get abortions?
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