Q: What do you think of the murder of that abortion doctor in the ne...

A:I think it's incredibly ironic.Read More »

Q: Why the news on yahoo is getting aborted.

A:i read news from here, you would like this - Source(s) More »

Q: How do you respond to news of a recent abortion?

A:I think you did the first right thing - acknowledging the difficulty of the decision. For some people, the decision is tough, for others it isn't particularly. ...Read More »

Q: Abortion? This was shocking news to my husband and I since I act...

A:Hi A., I can sure relate to this, I found out that I was pregnant with my third child last year after having a still birth child, followed by another child that...Read More »

Q: Breaking News Will the Supreme Court Pop Abortion Clinic Bubbles?

A:A challenge to 'buffer zones' against pro-life protesters gets a surprise hearing Wednesday, January 15. Bobby Ross Jr. / January 8, 2014Read More »

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Legislation that would place licensing restrictions on all seven of Tennessee s abortion clinics was overwhelmingly approved by state .
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Post abortion depression ...?
Oh hunny, the reason why you're feeling pain is because you were coerced in to having an abortion, you hadn't fully arrived at the decision for yourself, your parents made it for you. My mum went through the same thing and she still feels bad about it from time to time now, so yes it is normal...

Abortion in kentucky?
you can look it up on google. i suggest going against abortion though espcially if you need a parent permisson wich i think you do, if you can't care for the baby consider adoption think of how many people who want babies but cannot have thier own.

What can you expect after abortion?
personally I don't agree with abortion, but all the same I am pro choice. The hormone change and loss of the baby can cause depression just like with a miscarriage. I don't know anything about like sex or anything like that but I know a lot of women suffer emotionally. Best of luck! Make sure...

Do you need parent consent for abortion?
Congratulation you you have been blessed to have the privilege to have another life inside of you.please if need help call these charity organization to get all the facts and get help to choose the best alternatives. its free of charge. The Nurturing Network 1-800-TNN-4MOM Pregnancy Hotline...

Does united healthcare cover abortion?
If you are refering to Obamacare I'm sure it does. Lets vote him out.