Q: How many weeks to get abortion in ma?

A:In most states you can get up to the 20th week and it's always legal in the first trimester but call the National Abortion Federation hotline operators at 1-800...Read More »

Q: Can you get an abortion in MA without your parents finding out?

A:No, you can't. As of May of this year, a parent/guardian has to consent to an abortion if you're under 18. Good luck, and try to be more careful in the future. ...Read More »

Q: How can a get around the laws of having an abortion under 18 in M...

A:Go somewhere else! I am in the UK and cannot believe that you are not allowed an abortion on the grounds of youth. Surely a termination should be an option for ...Read More »

Q: Did the MA work? I started a regimen for a medical abortion frida...

A:Yes medical abortion is one of the safe way if you are getting abort because all you need to do is to follow the instruction of the expert. abortion clinicsRead More »

Q: I ma gaining weight, Please help, (after late abortion because ch...

A:Prenatal vitamins should not cause weight gain. Sudden weight gain can be a sign of illness and you should consult a doctor. There are so many possibilities. Do...Read More »

abortion in ma

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Abortion facts for Massachusetts.Abortion is a common experience: At current rates, about one in three American women will have had an abortion by the time .
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What do you think of this video from the person who is live-tweeting her abortion?
I'm not really squeamish, but I really don't seek out videos of medical procedures. What were you looking for, when you found this? I'm not going to watch the video. I'm not going to watch a video of ANY medical procedure, unless I need to learn about it. Yeah, she's an attention ho, but...

OK, we can keep abortion legal, BUT??
Regulating abortion is a state issue today. The original ruling in Roe v Wad said states could not infringe on a woman's right to seek an abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy. This did not give anyone the absolute right to an abortion. The Supreme Court allowed states to regulate...

Can taking the morning after pill make you infertile .. read on please?
No it does not make you infertile. The pill that is being used today is not an abortion pill either. All it does is send a huge influx of progesterone into your body to prevent the egg from being implanted into the uterine walls. However, if the fertilized egg is already implanted then you're...

Can you get a loan for an abortion?
I cannot believe how insensitive we as woman can be to one another. If you research abortion clinics in your area you may find some that offer discounted or free services depending on your financial situation & also the circumstances surrounding your pregnancy. Please think about this decision...

When Christians say, “Abortion is evil because it’s killing a baby,” are they being intentionally dishonest?
Afterbirth is full of their poop...they don't just poop once they're out ya know. They eat through the umbilical cord...which is why they need to poop. Call it whatever you like, but a heart beat is proof of life, and that happens pretty early on. To stop a heart from beating is to take a...