Q: When you had the abortion, how far along did you believe yourself...

A:Hello, kt, You're welcome. Thank you for the additional information. I wanted to think about how to answer you for awhile. I think it's safe to say the abortion...Read More »

Q: For women who have had an abortion, how far along were you (how m...

A:I know that you are struggling with this choice. I just want you to think about the day after - if you decide to do it. It will be the worse day in your life. T...Read More »

Q: How far along for abortion in Virginia?

A:It's allowed in first and second trimester.Read More »

Q: What should the cut off date for Abortion be? How far along is to...

A:Abortion is almost always WRONG. I have heard all the arguments. "It's a woman's right" (haven't seen such a right in the US Constitution). "It's only a lump of...Read More »

Q: Does the cost of an abortion depend on how far along you are in y...

A:Yes, the cost of an abortion will increase as the pregnancy continues. In 1995, the cost of an early abortion ranges from $200 to $400. Later term abortions cos...Read More »

abortion how far along

We offer abortion care up to 22 weeks gestational age (time since last menstrual period). The method of abortion depends on how far along the pregnancy is.
You can also?pay for?an abortion?at a private clinic. The?cost (around ?400 or more)?depends?on how far along the pregnancy?you are and?the type of .
My friend believes she is pregnant but doesn t get paid until the end of the week to get $10 for a test. She wants an abortion, and started .
If a woman is considering an abortion, she must know how far along into her pregnancy she is. Testing (including ultrasounds) can date the pregnancy.
Facts About Abortion. How far along in the pregnancy can I be? Abortion Pill: Up to 9 weeks (63) days for best success (96-97%). Success rates decrease as the .
No matter how far along in her pregnancy a woman is, when she comes to our abortion clinic, she spends time with a sympathetic, compassionate female .
Texas law allows you to have a surgical abortion up to 20 weeks (5 months) into your.If you have not yet confirmed with a clinic how far along you are in your .
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Why do people get abortions?
I've had an abortion. I actually was using protection when I got pregnant. I was using the nuva ring and it's supposed to be over 99% effective. I used it exactly as it was prescribed. Although an embryo/fetus has the capability to become a human if given the proper time and environment, that...

Adoption, abortion, unwanted pregnancy statistics?
Wow, I can't believe all these women are being so bitchy about it, yea you could do the research yourself but half the questions that get asked on this site are questions that people could research themselves so whats the difference?! Anyway, I am 9 weeks pregnant and although abortion is not...

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It does not surprise me of all the bad things you have heard since that often is the case. The other day a girl on Yahoo Answers commented that she could not stop crying ever since she had her abortion. Someone else shared, “My sister had an abortion at 21 and she said it haunts her and she...

So long as abortion is legal shouldn't we harvest those stem cells instead of throwing them out ?
Stem cells are taken from very early stage embryos called blastocysts. The cells have yet to differentiate. Infertility clinics have hundreds of thousands of unused, frozen embryos which could be used for stem cell research, but they are thrown away. "Pro-lifers" would like to confuse the...

Conservatives, do you consider yourselves more Libertarian in your beliefs, or are you purely Conservative?
I was raised by a very conservative father (no gay marriage, nation building, war on drugs, etc.) however when I was 15 I read "For a New Liberty" by murray Rothbard and that completely changed my opinions. I now consider myself a strong libertarian (with the exception if abortion, I am still...