Q: Why is abortion a government issue?

A:It is only a gov't issue in the sense that gov't is meant to protect the privacy and person of a mother, who-with her family-has the responsibility for making t...Read More »

Q: What is the cost to the government of abortion?

A:From our video partners Pregnancy Taking care of yourself with baby on the way. makes sense? It's sad to say but the government saves billions even if they paid...Read More »

Q: What are the solutions to abortion done by the government?

A:- make sex education mandatory for all states and stdents. There should be a basic sex ed and than they can add abstinence or w/e they want. affordable birth co...Read More »

Q: Why is abortion a concern with government?

A:The conservative right uses it as a way to get votes. The Republicans will never work on really outlawing abortion. This is bait that is used to convince the re...Read More »

Q: Write down some abort government.

A:That sounds like what your teacher must have said. You need to do this yourself. Just write down some information about government. There's a million things you...Read More »

abortion government

All three branches of the federal government can have an impact on choice.It would also tax small businesses that include abortion coverage in their health .
Government bans on abortion became limited to post-viability interventions, while at no point could the State privilege the life of the fetus over that of the mother.
One controversial issue surrounded by rumor and misinformation is that of government funding of abortion. In the U.S., do taxpayer dollars pay for abortion?
Outside the Planned Parenthood offices on 16th Street Northwest, representatives of pro-life groups, including Lila Rose, founder of Live Action .
President Obama offered a defiant defense of government funding for Planned Parenthood Friday and urged the group s members to help his .
A Labour TD is expected to vote against the Government and support a Bill calling for abortion to be allowed in cases of fatal foetal .
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What are people who protest outside abortion clinics hoping to accomplish?
They're hoping to make the girl feel even worse. I did that walk of shame, and none of them offered me a place to live or diapers or even protection from the *** that impregnanted me. They just said "baby killer!"

How long does a D&E(dilation & evacuation) abortion take and how can I expect to feel physically?
Im not sure if this will help i'm not sure how far you are I'm assuming 2nd trimester maybe? but i had a Vaccum abortion done 1st trimester and i have read about them being done in 2nd trimester they seem about the same thing other then for D&E they give you some medication 24 hours before...

Medical abortion vs surgical?
i had a surgical abortion at 10 weeks. going into the abortion clinic was the hardest thing i ever had to do because i would walk out knowing that that's the place i would leave part of myself at. before i got the actual abortion, a nurse preformed an ultra sound on me. my boyfriend was in...

Are Texas Women more likely to get raped than have an abortion?
The above is quoted by Garry Trudeau, author of the Doonesbury comic. The quote is copied verbatim from the Washington Post interview linked below. For the text and legislative history of HB-15, see the link below.

How much is an abortion in the state of Colorado?
It depends on where you go to have the procedure done, whether it is at a physicians office or clinic like planned parenthood, how far along you are, and the procedure performed and what drugs are used if any during the procedure.