Q: Aborting a dog?

A:I think they only do it by spaying the dog. Spaying is removal of the uterus, so that physically removes the puppies and prevents more pregnancies. The puppies ...Read More »

Q: How to induce abortion in dogs?

A:SPAY HER. 8 is WAY too old to be having a litter, never mind this being her 6th litter, potentially. Why on earth risk leaving her with a maid (if this is reall...Read More »

Q: When can you abort your dogs puppies?

A:This should not be done. This may be considered an act of cruelty. If the puppies are unwanted, you can take the dog to the vet and ask them about their abort p...Read More »

Q: Which is worse? Having an Abortion or Dog Euthanasia?

A:It depends really....if you were the one that got the dog pregnant. JK. I just thought that was funny.Read More »

Q: When can you abort your dogs puppies?

A:The only sure fire way to abort a litter is to spay the mother. Use of drugs to try and eliminate the fetuses usually is ineffective and if it does the job, it ...Read More »

abortion for dogs

There are numerous reasons for why pet owners would like to prevent pregnancy in their pets. Search Dog Abortion diagnosis and treatments at
Spontaneous Abortion and Pregnancy Loss in Dogs.
Many dogs presented for abortions may not even be pregnant.Some drugs that induce abortion have side effects that could cause health .
If the dog was bred, one can almost always find sperm on the smear.As a consequence, lower doses of PGF are required to induce abortion .
Your pet dog or cat can be tested for pregnancy with a simple blood test,.Some sort of pregnancy test after the abortion procedure is a good .
Abortion is defined as the expulsion before full term of a conceptus that is incapable of independent life.Protozoal parasite causing mild disease in adult dogs.
There is no abortion your dog can undergo. If she was just bred 24-72 hrs ago, there is a mismating injection that can be given to prevent .
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