Q: What would happen if you-tube had an abortion film clip?

A:They do have clips. Check them out. It will make you sick.Read More »

Q: Where is the filming location of The Abortion?

A:Istanbul, TurkeyRead More »

Q: What different language versions are there of the film Abortion C...

A:EnglishRead More »

Q: Why I have filmed a real abortion for TV

A:An abortion will be shown on television for the first time as one of the final taboos of TV is broken. Viewers will see a woman who is four weeks pregnant havin...Read More »

Q: In the film revolutionary road, how did the little rubber tube ab...

A:She had carbolic soap and pumped it through the tube to get the water into herself, aborting the baby.Read More »

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The Wife s Crusade or Unwelcome children One of the Eastman House s darkest treasures is this extraordinary film dealing with stands on abortion, starring four .
"Obvious Child" is a 2014 romantic comedy in which stand-up comedian Donna Stern (played by Jenny Slate) decides to have an abortion after .
An abortion counselor from New Jersey named Emily Letts recently filmed her abortion procedure to "show women that there is such thing as a .
In the film, a charismatic and down-to-earth Letts explains that she s “not.“We talk about abortion so much and yet no one really knows what it .
A new film from Gillian Robespierre called “Obvious Child” is making headlines for its pro-abortion plot line -- one not often apparent on the big .
Emily Letts, 25, a patient advocate at the Cherry Hill Women s Center in Cherry Hill, N.J., produced an online film of her abortion in November.
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I want an abortion, but I don't have the money. Should I do it myself?
Can't tell if trolling or not, but if you need help paying for an abortion, there are funds available:

What has George Bush done to make abortion illegal?
Because neither Bush nor any other president has any authority to do anything at all about abortion, one way or the other. It's a fake issue, one dreamed up by the far right to "energize" hard line fundamentalists (not conservative Christians) who don't know enough about the Constitution or...

How come the number of abortions is growing?
I am in the UK. It isn't with WOMEN that the numbers of abortions are rising's young GIRLS or teenagers. The amount of teenagers getting abortions is shocking- specially 12 and 13 year olds. In theory, with the amount of contraception we have freely available here in the UK, and supposedly...

What are some negatives about keeping abortions legal?
Sometimes abortion is forced upon young girls so that they can continue to be raped. I met a woman one time who had been repeatedly raped by her stepfather, and every time she got pregnant he took her on a "fishing" trip but the only thing she would get was an abortion. When she was sixteen...

Help .....ABORTION?
I think that there are other options, it just depends on your situation which is best for you. I became pregnant at 17, and decided to keep my daughter. Ten years later I wouldnt change it for the world. If you feel this is not an option for you there are people, good people, always looking...