Q: What are the laws on abortions in Europe?

A:You can find the abortion laws relating to different European Countries here -… In the UK it is legal for termination t...Read More »

Q: What is the legal time limit to have an abortion in europe?

A:From our video partners Pregnancy Taking care of yourself with baby on the way. Se related link.Read More »

Q: Where can i find information including websites and books on abor...

A:Here are some sites that will actually help in your research:…… More »

Q: Are more abortions or adoptions in the US and Europe every year?

A:I think you're asking is the number of abortions higher or lower then the number of adoptions done in the US & Europe every year. In which case I would think mo...Read More »

Q: Abortion in Europe - what, where and how?

A:Most countries leave the abortion decision to the woman, while other implemented few regulations. Northern Ireland, Portugal and Spain have legalised abortion i...Read More »

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[edit]. Most countries in the European Union allow abortion on demand during the first trimester. After the first trimester, abortion . History - International law - National laws - Case law
Some of the countries of western Europe have the lowest abortion rate in the world, at women of childbearing age, according to the European .
Clickable map showing termination laws in the 27 countries of the European Union.
Although nearly every European country makes abortion available on demand during the first trimester, when it comes to later-term abortions, there are very few .
But as it turns out, abortion laws in Europe are both more restrictive and more complicated than that. Waiting periods, decried by American .
This report by the Law Library of Congress provides information on abortion legislation in Europe.
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Does anyone know of a clinic where you can get a free abortion?
Please ask your friend to consider not having an abortion. So many times, we choose abortion because we think we can't cope with a pregnancy or a baby - but with some friends and some love, we can actually make a success out of it! And have a great time along the way! A baby is so precious...

Can we send abortion pills (RU486) through mail from Australia to Indonesia? This online medical abortion service helps women gain access to a safe abortion with pills in order to reduce the number of deaths due to unsafe abortions. Only women living in countries where there are no safe abortion services (example - the Philippines or Indonesia)...

Abortion question: are birth defects evident before 20 weeks of pregnancy?
Some are some are not. Many test are not done until until between 15 and 20 weeks. If the woman gets her screening in week 18 and there is a problem, they need more tests. Doesn't leave much time to get the information, digest it and make a decision. Anti- abortion groups will say and do anything...

Where can I get drug/abortion/suicide/gangs Documentaries?
im in youth group too! I would try your local movie rental place like Blockbuster or Hollywood Movies for some. Or, if you have a Netflix, there are tons of documentaries you can watch instantly or have them sent to your house through mail. If you don't have Netflix I reccomend it. Its awesome...

Post-abortion vs. Pregnancy Symptoms?
How did you know there was a hole in the condom? But aside of that, Your body can do strange things after any kind of an abrupt pregnancy ending, like a termination or miscarriage. Cycles can be all over the place for a few months. Taking a hpt would probably not be any use - you didn't say...