Q: Abortion deadline homework?

A:Spain: 12 weeks Germany: 12 weeks Italy: 12 weeks (but can be more if there's a risk for the health of the woman or abnormality of the foetus)Read More »

Q: What is the deadline for an abortion?

A:Under Obamas then you have until the little baby wants to kick its way outta your womb ... mostly it is should and hopefully will be when your first thought to ...Read More »

Q: What is the California law deadline for a legal abortion?

A:Abortion can be done up to the 24th week for health reasons. Most states only do in the first trimester on demand and what Cali do you can call here and ask: Na...Read More »

Q: What is the deadline for taking the abortion pill?

A:The "morning after pill" (emergency contraception) can be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy. The "abortion pill" (ru-486) can be tak...Read More »

Q: Is there a way to find out the sex of a baby before the abortion ...

A:Yeah of course there is, ask for a gender test and than you can get a termination. The people who answered this question saying "No there isn't a way..." are ju...Read More »

abortion deadline

Introduction. An abortion is the medical process of ending a pregnancy so it does not result in the birth of a baby. It is also sometimes known as a termination or . Abortion - How it is performed - Abortion: your options - Abortion - Reasons
The latest time you can get an abortion can vary by state in the U.S. but it is generally not advised to get an abortion after 24 weeks unless there is a medical .
Abortion is legal in the UK up to 24 weeks under the Abortion Act 1967. However, if there is a substantial risk to the woman s life or foetal abnormalities, there is .
Abortion is a safe and legal way to end a pregnancy. Learning more about abortion methods and options can help you decide if abortion is the right choice for .
Women s Care Clinic - compassionate reproductive services, abortion FAQ, abortion question, abortion info.
Abortion is the termination (end) of a pregnancy. A low-risk surgical procedure called suction aspiration or suction curette is generally used for .
Forty-one states have enacted abortion restrictions at different stages of pregnancy. The chart below shows at which point after a woman s last .
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Anti-abortion extremists?
I'm not going to watch to watch the video because the issue of these people already disgusts me. They are trying to kill people off to stop them from doing legal things. And if as the other person said, don't judge the whole group by them, then the rest should really at least make a statement...

Where can u go to get an abortion?
Hi smiley... I seen your other question you posted a month ago... You asked what should you not eat while pregnant. I know you care for this child.. and no matter how difficult your life may seem right now.. your baby.. the baby who is going to be by your side for the rest of your lif is only...

What are your views on Abortion and Giving birth?
I'm pro adoption because I was adopted by my great-aunt and uncle when I was 11 months old. I am sure happy that abortion was not an option in 1945. A fetus is a person at the moment of conception. All of your genes are present and life begins to take shape one cell at a time. The heart beat...

What is your opinion on abortion?
Where in the world did you get your information? It's cold hearted murder. INCIDENCE OF ABORTION • Nearly half of pregnancies among American women are unintended, and four in 10 of these are terminated by abortion.[1] Twenty-two percent of all pregnancies (excluding miscarriages) end in abortion...

Don't want abortion.....?
An hour ago you were 2 months pregnant. Now you are 6 months pregnant? Your husband cannot force you to have an abortion. If he is as abusive as your previous question suggets -- you are better off without him. Does your community have a battered woman's shelter you can go to?