Q: What is the paper about? Abortion consultation?

A:It sounds like an appointment before the abortion so the doctor can give you the low down and you can make sure its what you want. I dont want what paper your t...Read More »

Q: How can you have abortion without consulting a doctor?

A:You can't. Trying to abort a baby without consulting a doctor and having the abortion done by him or her is dangerous - very dangerous.Read More »

Q: How should i get an abortion without consulting a doctor??

A:There are no ways to abort without consulting a doctor. And honestly I wouldn't want to because there is a chance of septicemia, hemmorhage and death. You just ...Read More »

Q: How can i abort using a medicine without consulting a doctor?

A:That would be unsafe and illegal in the US. However in other countries, it may be possible so check out womenonwaves or womenonweb, two international organizati...Read More »

Q: Am worried becoz i got regular period after abortion and the next...

A:Hello Nkirru, I would advise you to consult with your personal physician about this. Do you live in the U.S. If so, you can try to find a pregnancy resource cen...Read More »

abortion consultation

Consultation. Consultation is the first stage of the process, its when you have all the time you need to discuss your options. If you then decide to have an abortion .
The information may also be useful if you are considering an abortion at any other clinic. The videos talk about the consultation, medical abortion, and surgical .
Read our in-depth guide to the surgical abortion procedure. Surgical abortion consultation After an appointment has been made for you at a Marie Stopes clinic , .
several separate meetings with the doctor and in-house counsellors. You will meet with the doctor to start with who will discuss the abortion process with you.
The subject matter of this consultation paper is strictly focused on two aspects of the criminal law on abortion.
Hi guys I have an appointment at the clinic tomorrow to discuss abortion. This pregnancy is the result of a mistake. I have a 12 week old baby .
I had decided to have an abortion when i found out i was pregnant very.I went for an initial consultation, was scanned internally and then sent .
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