Q: What would you say in response to this abortion comment.

A:In a perfect world, people wouldn't get pregnant on accident, would have the means to support such children, and there would be no pregnancy caused by rape or i...Read More »

Q: WHY DO PEOPLE HAVE ABORTIONS????? comment if you agree or disagre...

A:Just because adoption is legal doesn't make it right. This is my family's experience with adoption. Sometimes abortion is a kinder fate that adoption. I have a ...Read More »

Q: What was the comment by Randall Terry on potential violence tied ...

A:The President of the United States is proceeding rapidly with Health Care reform. It appears that it will soon become the law of the land. Concerns over the cen...Read More »

Q: Republicans color the abortion debate./Comments?

A:The idiots on the right will do anything to push their superstitions into the laws of our land, and we must fight them as vigorously. If they had their way, we'...Read More »

Q: Does abortion affect fertility? all comments welcome?

A:if it is done correctly and there are no complications it should not affect fertility at all, however all women are different and their bodies can react differe...Read More »

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Should Abortion Be Legal? Read pros, cons, and expert responses in the debate.
Nicholas Phillips: Ferguson and abortions and guns – oh, no! But we ve got a feeling that the entire nation need not be stuck in Missouri anymore. Published: 23 .
Libertarians for Life always welcomes comments on its literature, and that applies no less when we carry materials from outside LFL. It is particularly true when .
ANTI-AUSTERITY ALLIANCE TD Ruth Coppinger has called on customs to stop intercepting the delivery of abortion pills bound for Ireland.
Allahpundit highlights what he calls an “eyebrow-raiser” from Rand Paul yesterday. Paul sat down with David Axelrod to discuss politics:.
Find out about abortion, including how to get an abortion, where to go for help and advice, counselling and confidentiality.Comments (8).The 8 comments .
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Is it possibe to give yourself an abortion?
You cannot do that!!! Dont be so worried about abortion, it happens all the time and women go and get on with their lives. Speak to your doctor or go to your family planning clinic they will be able to go through the process with you and set you up with a consultant who will be there for you...

Would you find 'The Gay Abortion Band' an offensive band name?
Yes... so it is probably good on some level....causing offense and controversy has helped many bands on their way.

Abortion Law?
Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113 (1973) is a United States Supreme Court case that resulted in a landmark decision regarding abortion.[1] According to the Roe decision, most laws against abortion in the United States violated a constitutional right to privacy under the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth...

Whats the latest stage of pregnancy can an abortion be done?
Vacuum = Aspiration abortion (can be preformed up until week 12), or D&E (can be preformed after week 12 but before week 26) Medicine = Medical abortion Medical abortions are safer, because there is no risk of damaging the uterus or cervix, but is more painful and has a higher failure rate...

Cytotec Abortion pills?
Cytotec is very dangerous and can cause your uterus to rupture. The manufacturer has said publicly that it is NOT recommended for inducing abortion. For more information on abortion, visit