Q: Where are some abortion clinics in Tampa FL?

A:Planned Parenthood 813) 980-3555 can answer the question and here is a link to advice on the Florida parental consent law. This link explains about judicial byp...Read More »

Q: Abortion clinic in Kissimmee FL ?

A:dear Yaneris keep and love your baby: no one regrets keeping a baby: at least and temporary custody to a family or relatives?when everything is well you can kee...Read More »

Q: Where Can I Find A Free Abortion Clinic In Orlando Fl?

A:Remember free can be anything including and up to your death.....the best to youRead More »

Q: Are there Palmetto Animal Clinic Incorporated in Hialeah FL?

A:Yes. 1919 W 68th St, Hialeah, FLRead More »

Q: Are there Pets & Hearts Animal Clinic in Hialeah FL?

A:Yes. 4211 W 16th Ave, Hialeah, FLRead More »

abortion clinics in hialeah fl

The City You Selected: Hialeah. It is smart to talk to more than one clinic. When you do, make sure you get the name of the physician who will actually be there to .
Find 5 listings related to Free Abortion Clinic in Hialeah on See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Abortion Services in .
Results 1 - 30 of 56 . Find 56 listings related to Abortion Clinics in Hialeah on See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best .
Whether you are considering keeping your baby, adoption, or abortion, you need to be well educated about your option. Click here for more information. Call Us .
Serving Miami Dade County Residents Since 1979… We received the first Florida State Clinic License for a women s outpatient clinic specializing in Gynecology .
Miami, Florida Abortion Clinic A Choice for Women is a confidential and private abortion clinic in Miami, FL offering surgical and medical abortions, RU-486, .
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Is abortion legal in europe?
some countries have an out right ban, some allow it under certain conditions some allow it within a set time you will need to specify which out of the 50 separate countries of europe you want to know about

Don't want abortion.....?
An hour ago you were 2 months pregnant. Now you are 6 months pregnant? Your husband cannot force you to have an abortion. If he is as abusive as your previous question suggets -- you are better off without him. Does your community have a battered woman's shelter you can go to?

Why don't we have a federal law that requires every county to have at least one abortion clinic?
How can the Federal government mandate that a certain product sold via the private market must be available to people? Look, I'm liberal and 100% pro-choice. I think the Federal government should pass a law preventing needless state intrusion and over-regulation of abortion clinics. But I don't...

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When did anyone ever say abortions were nice? I would like a reference please. I like how you lump atheists and abortionists into the same category.

Ectopic abortion. Please help?
Poor thing. She shouldn't be blaming herself, these things happen and it's nobody's fault that it ended up ectopic. She should stay in bed and just take it easy whether she 'has' to or not. She'll need her rest physically and emotionally. The doctor should give you all the information you need...