Q: Free abortion clinics in the Boston, MA area?

A:You are yelling at, and offending, some people here. You say people are "stupid and useless" even if they genuinely mean to help you and do you good. I think yo...Read More »

Q: What is the phone number for south boston animal clinic in south ...

A:South Boston Animal Hospital, 659 ERead More »

Q: What is the starting salary/hourly rate for clinical secretary or...

A:At both starting and average levels, patient care representatives tend to earn a bit more than clinical secretaries. The average patient care representative sta...Read More »

Q: Are there Boston Animal Clinic in Boston MA?

A:Yes. 248 W Newton St, Boston, MARead More »

Q: Are there South Boston Cat & Dog Clinic in Boston MA?

A:Yes. 526 Dorchester Ave, Boston, MARead More »

abortion clinics in boston ma

Please Note: We remain fortunate among family planning providers that although the Massachusetts buffer zone has been eliminated, our patients can enter our . Our Services - Payment - Contact Us - Post-Op
If you live or work in Boston and surrounding areas Abortion Clinic in Boston is at your service.Brookline MA.Welcome to Abortion Service in Boston.
Visit Greater Boston Health Center for family planning services, including STD testing and abortions. Make an appointment with Planned Parenthood. Abortion Service in Boston, MA - Birth Control - STD Testing in Boston, MA
Reviews on Abortion clinics in Boston, MA Planned Parenthood, Women s Health Services, A Womans Concern, PLAN: Planned Parenthood League of .
This Massachusetts Abortion Directory gives you information to help with is faster and less expensive to schedule your abortion at a clinic, not a hospital.
Massachusetts Abortion Clinics - providing medical abortion, surgical abortion, and the abortion pill.
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I'm 6 months pregnant can do abortion?
No you cant, the cut off period is 20weeks. Why would you want to get an abortion this late anyway? If you do not want the baby adoption is a better option. You'll end up regretting the abortion for the rest of your life, at least if you give the baby up for adoption he/she can come find you...

That if I got married on 7-7-07 that my marriage would have a greater chance of surviving? I mean I graduated highschool in 77 and the theme song to the prom was "Stairway to Heaven!" Numerology is like anything else. A notion that there are some freakin secret code embedded in there that...

I'm looking for a remedy for homemade abortions, any help (read description for the story)?
There is no "natural, homemade" abortifacient drug that is both safe and effective. You are either risking your health and even life by taking them (remember, if it's toxic enough to terminate a pregnancy, if can be toxic to you, too), or it has a dismal success rate and you're likely to remain...

Is it safe to do the abortion pill?
Gretchen said, "First, its not an abortion pill. Its a form of birth control that, if taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex, can help prevent eggs from embedding in the uterus to grow. Its not killing anything because nothing is growing yet. It PREVENTS it from even beginning to grow, and...

Is there any way that you I can use my health insurance to get an abortion without my parents knowing?
No because if the insurance is in her name the insurance company will automatically send her a copy of what they paid and to who. It goes to her regardless of who used it, because it is her insurance and you are one of the beneficiary's of the coverage. Bottom line is the only way she won't...