Q: Where are free abortion clinics in Ohio?

A:I can't find any but there are many different clinics that do that and some only have sponsors that can pay for your abortion at a particular clinic but they do...Read More »

Q: What is the number to Monir boutros clinic in toledo ohio?

A:Do you perhaps mean: Dr. Mounir Boutros Dermatologist 5951 ...Read More »

Q: Where is there a medical free clinic in Sylvania, Ohio or Toledo,...

A:State of Ohio Health Department, 1 GovernmentRead More »

Q: Where is the closest abortion clinic to washington courthouse ohi...

A:Life Pregnancy Center 224 N North St, Washington Ct Hs, OH - (740) 333-3030Read More »

Q: Where can i find to cheapest abortion clinics in cleveland ohio?

A:The following clinics in the Cleveland area offer abortion services: Cleveland Surgical Center. (Cleveland Women's Medical Group) 3535 Lee Road. Shaker Heights,...Read More »

abortion clinic toledo ohio

If you were trying to reach Center for Choice in Toledo, you are in the right place …their.In fact, as of 2008, 91% of Ohio counties had no abortion provider.
As a fee-for-service facility, we will ask for a payment (cash, money orders, Visa, .First trimester surgical abortion (up to and including 11weeks 6 days), $400.00 .1160 W. Sylvania Avenue Toledo, Ohio 43612 419.478.6801 • 800.282.9490.
Capital Care Network provides women with comprehensive health care including private and confidential abortion services, emergency contraceptives, birth .
If you re planning to visit an abortion clinic in Toledo, know your options. Visit the Pregnancy Center of Greater Toledo first for a free pregnancy test. We can help you get answers and find.Toledo, OH 43607. Strategy & Design by: redFONT .
Capital Care Network, Toledo s only remaining abortion clinic, will continue to operate while the owner appeals an order from the Ohio .
The Ohio Department of Health has issued an order to revoke the license of Toledo s only remaining abortion clinic effective Aug. 12.
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Does abortion hurt the baby?
For the person who just answered this it is a baby. Once ur 5 weeks along it is a fetus which in turn is ur baby. Whoever told you that its not a baby until birth is full of crap. And yes abortion does indeed hurt the baby. Abortion (in lack of words ) "kills" the fetus. When u have this u...

What is the biggest side effect for abortion?
The bottom line is that when an abortion has been conducted- legally, safely, professionally and providing there are no complications arising from it, there is no significant risk to the future fertility of the woman involved. A properly performed abortion will not affect the woman’s fertility...

How much does putting a newborn child into foster care and how much does an abortion surgery cost?
putting a newborn into foster care would cost whatever the average cost of raising a child is. Which is about $200,000 from birth to age 18. I think an abortion costs around $400.00.

A moral ethical persons view on euthanasia and abortion?
If a person wishes to die, or they are suffering greatly and it's unfair to make them live, euthanasia is a reasonable choice. Some people are just too sick to be kept alive and to let them die peacefully instead of them making live and experience horrible pain seems like the humane choice...

Whats the religious stance on abortion doctors?
There are probably very few abortion doctors who are chrisians. Thos christians that do perform abortions probably justify it by the fact that the mother's life and responsibility to her other children outweighs the value of the potential life growing in her. Thats just common sense which is...