Q: Is there a free clinic in Norfolk, VA?

A:A nearby free clinic is located at: ALLEGHANY HIGHLANDS FREE CLINIC 103 Old Chu...Read More »

Q: What is the phone number to boone clinic in norfolk va?

A:Admiral Joel T. Boone Clinic Branch Medical Clinic 1035 NiderRead More »

Q: What are the closest soccer clinics to norfolk,VA?

A:Please try Hampton Roads Soccer Council: 2276 Recreation Dr, Virginia Beach, VA T: (757) 368-4600 or EuroTech Soccer Camps and Tours T: (757) 595-1000.Read More »

Q: Where is the free dental clinic in norfolk va?

A:None, you have to pay for it, or turn it over to your insurance company.Read More »

Q: Is there a free dentist clinic in norfolk va?

A:No I dont think so.You should go to Social Security Office.They should help you get a dentist insurance.Read More »

abortion clinic norfolk va

A Tidewater Women s Health Clinic stands as one of the best abortion clinics in Norfolk, VA. Abortion Clinics - Our services - Abortion Clinics - Norfolk, VA
A Tidewater Women s Health Clinic stands as one of the best abortion clinics in Norfolk, VA.
Take right on Virginia Beach Blvd. Go through 3 lights. Take right onto Norfolk Square. Follow Norfolk Square to yield sign. Take right at yield sign, Look for .
Any termination in the state of Virginia is a two-day appointment process by law. First appointment is an ultrasound pre-op, which consists of lab work, urine .
American Women s Services - Clinic of Gynecological Treatments & Abortion in Virginia. Our mission is to offer best possible affordable services for women .
Offering non-medical pregnancy and after-abortion services and consultation. Events calendar, newsletter, and contact information for offices in Virginia Beach, .
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Pro-life abortion essay need help on it plz!?
You could try adding that when foetus' are aborted, they cry. Obviously they don't feel pain in the same way we do, but it's been proved that they know something is up and cry. Also there are people who say that a foetus is not a living thing because it doesn't breathe in the same way it's...

Do Christians who oppose abortion ever stop to think about the fact in the bibles their god kills children?
The old Euthyphro Dilemma. Is whatever god says is right, right--or is what is right, right? So what does god say anyway?--nothing. No one has heard a peep out of him.....for as long as I can remember. So men speak for him. And men say don't do this, and don't do that...and the bible is...

Liberals, can they give me two good reasons why abortion should be illegal?
it shouldn't. But it should also NOT be illegal for a state to restrict it as the residents of said states sees fit... But they can't do that! The 1973 Supreme Court ruling took away the rights of states to govern themselves in this matter! Simply... The 1973 Supreme Court ruling was violation...

After abortion heavy bleeding?
Your first period or two after abortion or miscarriage may be heavier than usual or just not the way it was before. It should not be heavy for more than seven days, that might be sign of a problem. If you're passing clots larger than a half dollar or soaking through more than two pads in an...

When can I book an abortion?
i asked about abortion on here and people went WILD i dont even agree with it it was just a shock and i needed some advice on it but its down to the individual and you will find some people on here are quite cruel i got called a wh*re however ive now decided to keep the baby and im glad i made...