Q: Does Utah have any abortion clinics?

A:Yes, but since. 93% of Utah counties have no abortion provider it's not many. I've posted the link below to one who says they are the only licensed clinic. Ther...Read More »

Q: How to Protest Legally at an Abortion Clinic.

A:1. Locate the abortion clinic where you would like to demonstrate. These can be found by looking in your local phone book under "Abortion Services" or a similar...Read More »

Q: Where are the abortion clinics in Johannesburg?

A:100% safe, same day service, Pain Free. Abortions / Termination, We use Safe and trusted pills/tablets. GERMISTON CBD, KEMPTON PARK, PRETORIA CBD,midrand, RUSTE...Read More »

Q: Why is Siri refusing to locate abortion clinics?

A:There's no clinic in the country that calls itself an abortion clinic, so this question is highly flawed to begin with. Apple isn't refusing to do anything. Sir...Read More »

Q: What is Seraphine clinic in Utah

A:The Seraphine Clinic in Orem, UT is a low-income clinic that only w... ...MORE...Read More »

abortion clinic in utah

There are at least two licensed abortion clinics in Utah, all of which are located in Salt Lake County, or your private provider may also provide this service.
Visit Metro Health Center for family planning services, including STD testing and abortions. Make an appointment with Planned Parenthood. Abortion Services - Birth Control - HIV Testing - LGBT Services
ABORTION. There are at least two licensed abortion clinics in Utah, all of which are located in Salt Lake County. Your private provider may also provide this .
Wasatch Womens Center in Salt Lake City, UT. Caring for Utah.Our abortion services are safe, personable, and totally confidential. We are committed to caring . Medical Abortion - Contact Us - Surgical Abortion - What to Expect
In 2011, there were 9 abortion providers in Utah- 4 of those were clinics. This represents a 29% increase in overall providers and a a 33% increase in clinics .
Utah, a complete listing of Pregnancy Resource Centers located in Utah that offer abortion clinics information, free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds. RU486 .
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What is with all the questions about abortions today ?
People need to keep their legs shut if they aren't ready to deal with the consequences of potentially making a baby. There are so many that want children and can't have them and then there are people that just abort them as if they have nothing better to do. It disgusts me!

Question on abortion.........?
Dawkins sounds like a typical liberal airhead. Fetal 'suffering' is completely undefinable, so it's a bit silly to base a moral judgment on it. It's like the current absurdity of basing the death penalty on whether or not the criminal dies painlessly. Who cares? The insult is death, not pain...

Is this legal (abortion)?
I believe there are laws regarding the disposal of "medical waste," which means the doctor must dispose of it in a certain prescribed manner. PS I believe "medical waste" is the legal definition, and i am not commenting on whether it is the right definition.

Friend had an abortion at 11 weeks pregnant?
You bleed less after a surgical abortion so that is normal. Cramping lasts for about a week after. 2 weeks after the abortion she have to go to the checkup and the doctor will then see if everything is out. if she gets a fever, pain, discharge with bad odor she needs to go back.

Muslims: A question about abortion?
Abortion is against islam but if the life of the mother is at risk, Allah doesn't like his subject to suffer in that case she can do away with it. If the foetus doesn't get to the stage of being considered to have life it's her choice. Islam always aim at how best human can be happy under God's...