Q: An abortion clinic in dayton ohio.

A:Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio Region: Dayton Kettering, 224 North Wilkinson Street, Dayton T: 937-226-0780.Read More »

Q: Where is a free clinic in dayton ohio?

A:Health Outreach Office is located on 201 Riverside Drive Suite 1-C (Corner ofRead More »

Q: Where are free abortion clinics in Ohio?

A:I can't find any but there are many different clinics that do that and some only have sponsors that can pay for your abortion at a particular clinic but they do...Read More »

Q: Where is the free health clinic in dayton ohio?

A:Try this place! SAMARITAN HOMELESS CLINIC 937-461-1376 41 CatherineRead More »

Q: Where is the closest abortion clinic to washington courthouse ohi...

A:Life Pregnancy Center 224 N North St, Washington Ct Hs, OH - (740) 333-3030Read More »

abortion clinic dayton ohio

Abortion clinics in Cincinnati & Dayton, Ohio and Indianapolis, Indiana. Nationally recognized and referred-to for late-term care through 24 weeks. Dayton, OH - Cincinnati, OH - Ohio Abortion Law - Indiana Abortion Law
Abortions through 22 weeks are available at Women s Med in Dayton (Kettering) OH. Contact information, directions and map. Description of services.
Six Pregnancy Medical Centers Serving Southwestern Ohio. Abortion answers and alternatives in the Dayton and Cincinnati area.
Ohio Abortion Clinics - providing medical abortion, surgical abortion, and the Dayton. The Women s Med Center, Dayton
Dayton Abortion Clinics - providing medical abortion, surgical abortion, and the. The Women s Med Center, Dayton 1401 E. Stroop Road Dayton, Ohio 45429
A local clinic that once provided 2000 abortions to women every year.The Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio still provides abortions and the.http:// .
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Is there any way that you I can use my health insurance to get an abortion without my parents knowing?
No because if the insurance is in her name the insurance company will automatically send her a copy of what they paid and to who. It goes to her regardless of who used it, because it is her insurance and you are one of the beneficiary's of the coverage. Bottom line is the only way she won't...

Signs of infection after abortion....? (slightly graphic details.)?
If I were in your position, I would contact a doctor. Your symptoms aren't normal, and the fact that you had an abortion recently and did not follow the recommended guidelines (i.e. no sex, no swimming, etc.) could have disturbed or irritated you. For your safety, see your gynecologist. Good...

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No answers, that because you need to ask a question.

Costs and limitations of RU-486 (abortion pill) in the California?
Take your girlfriend to planned parenthood and talk to the doctor there. A chemically-induced abortion is not always appropriate, so the doctor is going to need to assess if she's even a candidate. She might require a surgical abortion. The people at Planned Parenthood will also be able...

Are the film crews of both the anti-abortion & the the anti-animal cruelty photos videos similar?
Animals can feel pain. No embryo can. There is a huge difference. Many anti-abortion websites make use of photographs of late second trimester abortions because they are most disturbing at that stage of fetal development. Animal rights groups make similar photos of dead animals with lots of...