Q: Had a medical abortion, blood clots smell of heavy iron?

A:We Answerers aren't MDs - we can't answer your question. Ask the doctor who did your abortion.Read More »

Q: Is that normal? Abortion. Period. Blood clots?

A:YES! had an abortion at 14 and you will have clots like that because there is still some tissue that built up after the procedure to heal. normal as can be as l...Read More »

Q: Blood clots after an abortion?

A:I presume that you are having a normal period, or at least normal for what you just experienced. The large clots may be entirely normal. Since you were pregnant...Read More »

Q: Discharge. Blood Clots. After Abortion.

A:Hi Sol, periods after an abortion tend to be irregular for a prolonged period. Getting an IUD inserted after an abortion complicates the healing proces. Dangero...Read More »

Q: What is the danger of having an abortion when you have a history ...

A:u mad. ya chicken breast sandwich.Read More »

abortion blood clots

What to Expect. Bleeding, passing blood clots and cramping are all normal after an abortion. Bleeding: may be light or none for the first 3 days after an abortion .
The flow of blood may increase 3 to 4 days after the abortion as the hormone levels adjust to the ending of the pregnancy. You may pass blood clots on the 3rd .
hi everyone. i was wondering if someone would be able to help me out on a question i have. i recently had an abortion, (i ve had 2 before) but .
Bleeding and clots. Most will experience light to heavy bleeding for one or more days following an abortion. Some have no bleeding at all, some will bleed for a .
Both medical and surgical abortions usually cause bleeding that is different.are used to treat retained products of conception or blood clots.
Most women can expect very heavy bleeding with this method and it is normal to pass some large clots. Clots may look bigger in the toilet and are not a cause .
Following your abortion you may experience one or more of the following:.*** Cramps may be due to contraction of the uterus or to passing blood clots.
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