Q: Why was my question on the Abortion Blog removed?

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Q: Do you read the Abortion Blog?

A:She couldn't have had much of a conscience if she could joke about it.Read More »

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abortion blogs

I know women keep coming through this blog every day. Some of you.They re ads that depict abortion as something damaging that will RUIN YOUR LIFE.
A PRO-CHOICE BLOG Share your story, a confession, feelings or thoughts. Offer help.Anonymous asked: I m having my surgical abortion tomorrow morning. Helpful Links - Users To Talk To - Submit/Ask - Submit
Wade Supreme Court Decision which legalized abortion, come to DC:.Another woman is blogging about her upcoming abortion, which I .
Priests for Life offers pro life and anti abortion information from top leaders and activists worldwide. We also provide support and help with healing after abortion.
HT to Sheila Liaugminas at InforumBlog, who we didn t know till just now links to After Abortion blog. Thanks, Sheila, returning the favor.
On October 1, 2010, I had an abortion. This is my story.Links to this post. Labels: Abortion, abortion blog, blog .
I would to like to live in a place where abortion isn t such a polarizing, seemingly .So blogging about it everyday and fielding emails about it –once again, if you .
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What are the symptoms/signs of a miscarrage?
Cramping and vaginal bleeding are the most common symptoms noticed with spontaneous abortion. The cramping and bleeding may be very mild, moderate, or severe. There is no particular pattern as to how long the symptoms will last. Vaginal bleeding during early pregnancy is often referred to as...

Any real statistics on who is having abortions, Politics?
Of women who have abortions: 58% are in their 20s- 61% have one or more children- 56% are unmarried and not cohabiting- 69% are economically disadvantaged- and 73% report a religious affiliation. There's some good graphs and charts for trend analysis...

Is abortion wrong am i a bad person :(?
Listen, I am not a pro abortion person who really digs the idea but I do respect someone that weighed all their options before they went and terminated a life. I don't blame you. It's your body, it's your life, and it's YOUR decision. I'm pretty pro life but if you can't provide for that child...

I have questions about abortion?
First I want to say that I am pro-choice. Does that mean I am pro-abortion, no. But as long as you have thought out this decision and you can live with the consequences then that is your decision, no one else's. The law for you state is: "Kansas Your state requires that one of your parents...