Q: Why was my question on the Abortion Blog removed?

A:There was no reason they should have removed your question. It was perfectly respectful and inoffensive. I'm sorry they removed it. In answer to your question a...Read More »

Q: Do you read the Abortion Blog?

A:She couldn't have had much of a conscience if she could joke about it.Read More »

Q: As a Woman, How Can She Be Against Abortion?" « A Philosopher's B...

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Q: The Bible and Abortion: What Does God Say? - BlessedandGifted's B...

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abortion blog

I know women keep coming through this blog every day. Some of you.They re ads that depict abortion as something damaging that will RUIN YOUR LIFE.
A PRO-CHOICE BLOG Share your story, a confession, feelings or thoughts. Offer help.Anonymous asked: I m having my surgical abortion tomorrow morning. Helpful Links - Users To Talk To - Submit/Ask - Submit
I would to like to live in a place where abortion isn t such a polarizing, seemingly .So blogging about it everyday and fielding emails about it –once again, if you .
Recent news reports on Republican presidential candidates current support for pre-viability bans on abortion after 20 weeks have failed to .
Wade Supreme Court Decision which legalized abortion, come to DC:.Another woman is blogging about her upcoming abortion, which I .
On October 1, 2010, I had an abortion. This is my story.Links to this post. Labels: Abortion, abortion blog, blog .
worldwide. We also provide support and help with healing after abortion. Click on the image of the person whose blog you wish to read. We invite you to .
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Depression after abortion? This helped a friend of mine when she was mourning her abortion. I had a friend who went through the same thing. Terrible guilt after her abortion, she couldn't stand...

Dog - Abortion - Cost?
It will vary vet to vet. The best way to find out is on your break or when you get home call local shelters and humane societies and ask. You may be able to find them on line and e-mail them your questions.

Abortion verses the death penalty?
The main difference between the unborn being killed and criminals being killed is opportunity. Criminals by nature have been allowed to interact with society and make choices. These criminals have chosen to take advantage of society (that is why they are criminals). In the case of the unborn...

Is abortion legal in Ireland?
Yes and no. It's illegal to have an abortion within the south of Ireland (it's legal in the North under extreme circumstances only), however the law does allow pregnant women to recieve councelling on the options available to them. If they then decide that they still want an abortion, they...

Why are abortion protesters doing this?
this issue should definitely Not die......if people like the ones that were in your neighborhood did not do what they do for unborn children...then who would? i think that you should explain to your daughter that those people are standing up for what they believe in. while everyone may not...