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abortion blog sites

Join 8986 friendly people sharing 3807 true stories in the I Had An Abortion group.content or add this service to your site, please contact us atinfo@content. ad.
When I searched for information on the Internet, I was bombarded by religious websites with brutal pictures of aborted fetuses. When I tried to .
We here at Afterabortion blog do have reason to believe that satan and InforumBlog, who we didn t know till just now links to After Abortion blog.FAIR USE NOTICE: This site may contain copyrighted material.
Wade Supreme Court Decision which legalized abortion, come to DC:.Another woman is blogging about her upcoming abortion, which I .
I know women keep coming through this blog every day. Some of you.They re ads that depict abortion as something damaging that will RUIN YOUR LIFE.
Stories from women who don t regret having abortions.Welcome to I mNotSorry .net, a site where women can share their positive experiences with abortion.
There are now many more sites addressing the needs of women.http://www.
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Abortions affects on society?
Late term abortions are done by piercing the baby's brain and draining out the contents. (How very barbaric) Very few survive abortions and our dear president doesn't think they should receive any nourishment of any kind but should be left to die. (Heartless) Affects on society....a people...

Is there any online support groups for women who had abortion and regrets it?
I've found some sites for you to look at. I really think you should look up some places for people who have had abortion and are now depressed because of it, or just go to a therapist, I really do believe it would help you a lot. You can't go through this alone and therapists are really good...

Essay On Abortion-World Religions?
You know, an essay about how polarized people became on the abortion issue after the Roe v. Wade decision would be interesting. Many religions took radical positions on the issue, fueling the flames of debate. Look at the history of televangelists and how their "pro-life" statements evolved...

Why are anti-abortion people so hypocritical, while they fund abortion in Israel they complain about it here?
In answer to your question perhaps you would rather discuss the millions of dollars the US is providing to Kenya for its forthcoming elections and, a pro abortion democracy The following is taken from the attached link: "Obama Administration Wrong to Influence Vote on Pro-Abortion Kenya Constitution...

Abortion Pill.......Pharmacy or Dr. office?
The abortion pill Or RU - 486 MUST be taken within 49 days of her last menstrual period, that equates to 7 weeks pregnancy. Beyond this it can be dangerous and there's a serious risk of infection, women have died from taking it. This needs to be given at an abortion clinic. It would NOT be...