Q: Post abortion bleeding?

A:Yes it is normal. I think that you will notice that exercise, heavy lifting, and activity tends to make bleeding increase. That is why we say no heavy lifting o...Read More »

Q: Post abortion bleeding, advice?

A:This is not normal after having an abortion. From what I read, you are bleeding quite a bit, and you should not be at this point. i don't think that you should ...Read More »

Q: What are some natural ways to clean your womb from abortion bleed...

A:No! Don't take any meds. Let your body do its job. You should have a follow up with your obgyn a month or so after the abortion and they will make sure that eve...Read More »

Q: Post abortion bleeding.

A:Hi Ketaki, I found your question in the question pool at. This means that whoever you sent the question to was not able to answer so I received the question. So...Read More »

Q: After Medical Abortion bleeding stopped in 3 weeks and again star...

A:go see your doctorRead More »

abortion bleeding

You may bleed heavily, moderately, lightly or not at all, for one to three weeks after the abortion. Some women do not start to bleed until several days after.
All women bleed during an abortion. In rare cases, some women bleed more than is safe. The best way to tell if you are bleeding too much is to .
Bleeding after an abortion also varies- some women have no bleeding at all after an abortion (common with small pregnancies), while some may bleed .
Is bleeding normal after a surgical abortion a period? Bleeding following a surgical abortion is not a period- periods don t return to normal for 4 – 6 weeks after .
If a medical abortion is not successful, a surgical abortion must be done as follow -up. This is necessary to prevent infection and blood loss and to end the .
Bleeding is often the first sign that the abortion has begun. If the abortion continues, bleeding and cramps become more severe. Bleeding is often heavier than a .
Abortion by Pill offered at abortion clinic Allentown Women s Center in Pennsylvania.Post-abortion bleeding and cramping vary from woman to woman.
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