Q: If Obama gets his abortion bill passed, how will he explain to th...

A:I only wish that his mother had exercised that option when she was a pregnant unmarried teenager.Read More »

Q: Are they trying to get as many abortion bills passed into law bef...

A:See also Virginia, Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas! It's the GOP war on women's health.Read More »

Q: What does the recently passed Health Care Bill state about aborti...

A:Abortion is not part of it, that is why they accepted it. What it leads to you can read in the link below.Read More »

Q: In order to criminalize abortion does a Bill have to be passed?

A:Yes it doesRead More »

Q: How a Bill Is Passed in Congress?

A:A Congressman in the House of Representatives or a Senator in the Senate introduces a proposed bill during a morning session. The bill is assigned a number, des...Read More »

abortion bill passes

NASHVILLE -- A bill mandating 48-hour waiting periods for women seeking an abortion, which also requires counseling by a doctor, was .
6 hours ago . An abortion waiting period bill passed its final committee test in Tallahassee on Monday and it s ready for a full vote in the Senate.
Texas Senate Bill 5 is a list of measures that would add and update abortion regulations in."Liveblog: Senators Trying to Determine if Abortion Bill Passed".
5 days ago . There are articles being posted on Facebook claiming that on March 25, 2015 the New York State Assembly passed a bill allowing abortions of .
Wade, the U.S. House of Representatives voted 242-179 to pass a bill that would codify a ban on federal funding for abortions. The bill would .
The Texas Senate has passed a controversial bill that prohibits abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy and will force all but five of the state.
An emboldened group of moderate House Republicans put their leaders on notice this week that they intend to steer a more pragmatic course .
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Is the USA becoming more anti abortion?
I honestly don't know, I think there has always been people that have had views on both sides of the fence. I personally think it's very wrong, but I'm not going to force my views on somebody else. I don't think whether on not the person being raped, victim of incest, whatever really matter...

Adoption versus abortion...?
i think it is sad that people are not willing to take care of their children , and i am a adoptive mom and plan on adopting again in a few years , i do feel abortion is murder b/c the unborn baby does have a heartbeat and that makes it a living , breathing being so that is murder, and i don't...

Tell me how you like this abortion letter written in a child's point of view?
That is so sad, that I'm in tears over it. I don't see how any one could do this.

Should government ban the illegal abortion clinic??
If the clinic is "illegal" it is already "banned" by the fact it is illegal.