Q: How has legalized abortion benefitted America?

A:Fewer poor people raising kids they can't support.Read More »

Q: How is abortion a benefit to a woman?

A:its not a benefit!! people should be responsible for their actions, even when its caused by something else like a rape you still have the responsibility of anot...Read More »

Q: What are the benefits of abortion?

A:Here's what I found: Benefits of abortion. · Prevention of death from "coat hanger "or "back alley" abortions in mothers. o Deaths since abortions have been leg...Read More »

Q: What is the benefits of abortion?

A:THERE ARE NO BENEFITS! NOT 1. it is the worst thing you could pretty much possibley do in your entire life. I understand some women become pregnant from rape, b...Read More »

Q: Can i get an abortion with these benefits?

A:Not legal advice. It will cover abortion if medically necessary or extenuating circunstancesRead More »

abortion benefits

United States- The Critical Role of Contraception- The Plight of Unwanted Children- Benefits of Legal Abortion- The Anti-Choice Campaign Against Abortion . Introduction - Some Basic Information About. - Countries Where Abortion is.
Despite the claims of those who oppose safe and legal abortion, many demonstrable health benefits — physical, emotional, and social — have accrued to .
Despite the claims of those who oppose safe and legal abortion, many demonstrable health benefits — physical, emotional, and social — have .
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January 2013. Page 1. The Benefits of. Decriminalizing. Abortion. By Joyce Arthur and Jane Cawthorne. Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada .
Best Answer: The main benefit of legal abortion is that it prevents the detrimental consequences of illegal abortion. Before abortion was .
Advantages of Medical Abortion. Medical abortion avoids a surgical procedure. Some women report that they have had a surgical abortion in the past, and found .
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Is drinking herbal tea during pregnancy safe?
When it comes to herbal teas you do have to be careful because some herbs are used for home abortions and to induce labour – herbs such as raspberry leaf, dong quai, blue cohosh and rue (natural oestrogenic and uterine contracting herbs). As such depending on how far along you are some herbs...

Does Planned Parenthood spend tax dollars on abortions?
1) Federal funding given to Planned Parenthood goes to preventative services only, although the organisation would be in severe trouble if this was cut off. The preventative services account for about 90% of what Planned Parenthood does: 2) Presumably...

What are Obama's views on abortion?
Contrary to what Mommanuk said, Obama is personally responsible for the Born Alive Baby Protection NOT passing as a senator in Illinois. He claims that he refused to vote on it because the language was different from the Federal bill but as Chairman of the Health and Human Services Committee...

Iraq vs Abortion.What is worse?Why do PEOPLE think ABORTION is not MURDER?Check out the Videos!!!?
Abortion (especially partial birth abortion and other late term abortion procedures) is infanticide... And by the way, genocide against the Jews was a "legal procedure" in Nazi Germany! and luke, you are so right! The baby has a body and it is his/her own! @GiveMeLiberty: How do you know...

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