Q: Is aborting a foetus because it may have Downs Syndrome the right...

A:I do not belive so. I believe that every baby is born perfectly. Eugenics are always, always wrong, who are we to judge who may live and who may die. I want nei...Read More »

Q: Is aborting a foetus because it may have Downs Syndrome the right...

A:wow!!! you really opened up a can of worms here!!! let me tell you a little story...... On December 10th, 2003, I gave birth to the most beautiful little boy......Read More »

Q: Would you judge a couple who decided to abort their baby because ...

A:Would I judge a couple? Not out loud. But I believe that these decisions are often based on inadequate information and mistaken beliefs, like those of Katrina F...Read More »

Q: Is it true that the reason you see less down syndrome children is...

A:Probably, my wife and I checked for it and agreed that we'd abort a child if they were sure to be born with defects that would severely hurt our family's qualit...Read More »

Q: Can you have a Down syndrome baby because of a prior abortion les...

A:No, you can read more here about Down syndrom: Your prior abortion will not affect this ...Read More »

abortion because of down syndrome

A mother of a 47-year-old child with Down s Syndrome would like to turn back time and abort him. Because of the constant care and .
For parents of fetuses with Down syndrome, Relf implied, abortion is the. opposed to “I don t want this baby because of a prenatal diagnosis.
Is it ethical to abort a child diagnosed with Down Syndrome? 90% of parents. Down syndrome is not hereditary, and there is no known cause. Children with .
Woman: Aborting My Baby With Down Syndrome Was the Best Thing.with Down syndrome is because we don t want so-called “imperfect” children. abortion after finding out she was carrying a baby with Down syndrome.
And yet the abortion rate for Down syndrome babies is tragically high.The idea of doing this to your own child because he or she is not .
What makes it even more horrific is that these abortions are usually.with Down syndrome should be aborted, and all because they find these .
I just found out my unborn baby will have Down syndrome.A pregnancy is aborted, because it is a process, much as the process of building a car or a house .
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