Q: Who's Winning the Abortion Battle?

A:With victories and setbacks on both sides, not to mention conflicting polls, it can be hard to tell. David Gibson, Religion News Service/ January 18, 2013Read More »

Q: Why did Nelson amendment fails, but healthcare abortion battle is...

A:Washington. The Senate voted Tuesday to reject the strict antiabortion Nelson amendment to healthcare reform, but the abortion issue is still very much a factor...Read More »

Q: Why is there still a battle over abortion?

A:Abortion is the concious act of taking a human life. We, as a society, have long ago determined that the taking of human life is acceptable under a variety of c...Read More »

Q: Why is there still a battle over abortion?

A:First of all, our right to life as defined in the constitution applies to the legal definition of life which does not include a zygote, embryo or fetus. So your...Read More »

Q: Roe at 40: Who's Winning the Abortion Battle?

A:With victories and setbacks on both sides, not to mention conflicting polls, it can be hard to tell. Four decades after Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court ...Read More »

abortion battle

Across the country, battles are being waged over laws regulating abortion providers and their services. With courts disagreeing whether these .
When the 109th General Assembly convened Tuesday, it was welcomed by hundreds of protestors who want legislators to hold off on what they .
6 days ago . The bitter Senate battle over human trafficking legislation resumed Wednesday morning, with leaders sparring over abortion language in the .
The most contentious political battle raging in Tennessee this year has nothing to do with control of the US Senate or the governor.
Colorado voters are weighing whether to approve a first-in-the-nation personhood law, which would extend legal rights to the unborn in a move .
Even the longstanding Hyde Amendment is no longer a neutral zone in the abortion wars. Democrats objections to the restriction on taxpayer .
NASHVILLE — One of the nation s biggest abortion battles this year is unfolding in Tennessee. On Nov. 4, Tennessee voters will decide .
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Can i use methotrexate as a morning after pill (plan b) ?
No. Methotrexate does not prevent pregnancy. Methotrexate is used in abortions. It has nothing to do with preventing ovulation or fertilization. Methotrexate interferes with the growth of the placenta and allows it to seperate from the lining of the uterus. There is no placenta in early pregnancy-...

Women die from abortion? Do you believe the following site re fatal results for women connected to abortion?
Abortion is a very safe procedure. It's about twice as safe as having your tonsils removed, and is 10 times safer than giving birth if it is performed before the 18th week of pregnancy. Don't believe the crap that those "pro-life" groups say.

Is there a free abortion clinic in Tucson, Arizona?
NO! abortion is never the answer. Maybe you could find someone to adopt the child. Abortion is KILLING that baby. Please find someone who can take care of the child. Please dont get an abortion.

Is this what you would you like to see happen to our disabled veterans?
Here's all you need to know about Paul Ryan, in addition to trying to drop the hammer on our vets, one of his bills tried to abolish The State Children's Health Insurance Program in 2010...and he also wants to lower taxes for the rich, as evidenced by the last line here... Paul Ryan is the...

Why does the catholic church allow Nancy Pelosi?
I can tell you that Nancy Pelosi really ticked off the Catholic Church when she publically announced that the "Catholic Church has always endorsed abortion". They went wild. She had Bishops at her office THE NEXT DAY. The Vatican was fit to be tied.....when she took her trip to see the Pope...