Q: Why do Democrats support abortions based on gender or race?

A:Because this legislation could be used to penalize anyone who gets an abortion by claiming every abortion is based on gender or race. Besides, do you honestly b...Read More »

Q: So is it legal to get abortions based on gender like they do it i...

A:R u for real? A "prude bitchy girl" My husbands and mine first child was a daughter and he couldn't have been happier! His second child happened to be a boy and...Read More »

Q: Why is abortion related to gender equality?

A:I don't know. it doesn't make sense to me. Think about what they're saying. Abortion is usually surgical, right? (Sometimes they give you some pills) So are the...Read More »

Q: Why is abortion related to gender equality?

A:From our video partners Hypertension What does 140 over 90 mean? Learn about high blood pressure numbers. Answer I don't know. it doesn't make sense to me. Thin...Read More »

Q: Why are some of the Academy Awards awarded based on gender?

A:It's always been that way. Male and female actors have always been treated separately, since before there were movies. That's why you have the term "actress" ...Read More »

abortion based on gender

5.1 Missing women- 5.2 Trafficking and sex work- 5.3 Widening of the gender social.Studies and reports that discuss sex-selective abortion are based on the . Human sex ratio at birth - Prenatal sex discernment - Prevalence of sex-selective.
Sex-selection abortion is defined as “an abortion undertaken for the purpose of. 10 Americans oppose sex-selection abortion, abortions based on gender are .
Today MPs will vote on whether to amend the serious crime bill to make abortion based on foetal gender a crime. As someone who cares about .
The South Dakota House approved a bill last week that would make gender- based abortions illegal in response to concerns that families .
And she rejected as "totally incorrect" the assertion that her proposal would block abortions based on a gender-linked disability.
Experts suggested this could be two possible reasons for this, which are not mutually exclusive – either the practice of gender-based abortion .
From Yahoo News: British lawmakers rejected a bid to explicitly outlaw abortion based on the gender of the foetus on Monday. Health minister .
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What is anti-abortion legislation?
Before Roe v Wade, some states completely banned safe and legal abortion. All american women should be entitled to the same protection of their privacy under the law - no matter which state they live in.

Why did richard nixon state that abortion was necessary or ok in cases involving interracial dating/marriages?
Yes Richard Nixon was a racist so was Johnson so was reagan so was carter so was 41 and 43 Im just glad we got our heads out of the Bushes

About the abortion process?
First- what type are you getting? Is it a medical and you're under 7 weeks pregnant (where you take the pills to expel the tissue) Or is it a D&C where you are farther along than 8 weeks (the surgical one) Also, is the D&C in office or will you be under anesthesia at a surgical center? If...

Celebrities who've had abortions?
Christina Aguilera, Alec Baldwin, Ellen DeGeneres, Melissa Etheridge, Janeane Garofalo, and Natalie Maines, Ashley Judd, Lisa Loeb, Salma Hayek, and Amy Jo John, Margie Adam , Jennifer Aniston, Curtis Armstrong, Elaine Aronson, Bea Arthur, Ed Asner, Kevin Bacon, William Baldwin, Meredith Baxter...

Did Nicki Minaj have an abortion?
Nicki Minaj has a song called "Autobiography" where she sings about how hard it was to abort her child and hopes maybe she can meet her someday "if it's part of God's plan." But that's a song lyric, and lyrics are not always true. Nicki has not confirmed or denied in any interview whether the...