Q: How do you convince your mom not to abort her baby?

A:From our video partners Pregnancy Taking care of yourself with baby on the way. TELL HER IT IS JUST THE SAME AS KILLING YOU,THE BABY IS STILL A PRECIOUS LIFE . ...Read More »

Q: What is all this talk about aborting babies?

A:Yeah I saw one question about it, and I don't think they're joking around. I just felt sad for their babies. Yeah, you can report them but maybe it's better if ...Read More »

Q: Why Were Millions Upset by Mom Who Aborted Twin Babies?

A:The bullshit meter is off the scale.Read More »

Q: How to talk my mom out if making me get an abortion?

A:Just be honest with her. How old are you? My sister in laws parents wanted her to have one... but she chose not to. It is your baby, and your body... no one can...Read More »

Q: How can I talk my mom into letting us have the baby?

A:Well, you shouldn't have to talk her into it. It is your child and it is up to ...Read More »

abortion baby talking to mom

From the Baby s Perspective. They don t.My Mom and Dad are yelling, saying, what if it s a sin?.I ve heard them talk "cesarean" my brother came that way,
Mom! Look I am starting to grow! / It has been twenty-four hours and you don t even know t. Published at.I don t know who you are talking to, or what you are talking about, But I do.Man, only 39 weeks and I will be a full grown baby! Hey, do .
He started to talk about something called.I know abortion wasn t rainbows and flowers for me- it was painful, expensive and something I never want to do.My mom still calls me her baby as well, but obviously I m not one.
There was a letter along time ago, it was a baby talking to her.the injection for the abortion clearly and heartrendingly. the last line was .
The Story of An Aborted Baby Hi, Mommy.I m going to be your only child, and you ll call me.He started to talk about something called
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Why is FOX news not investigated by the FCC because fo the content of the shows they air as news? It is not ne?
Actually, most news networks are at least a bit biased. Fox news doesn't simply hate on those in congress, it gives a side that usually other news stations don't. There are two sides to everything. And so the FCC doesn't investigate. It's a matter of freedom of speech.

South Dakota Abortion?
You will need to go out of state. Even then, you will have a hard time because you are 15 weeks. At this point, your baby is fully formed, has a beating heart, brain activity, etc. You are only a few weeks away from baby being able to be born and live. An abortion at this point would be more...

Bill of Rights for Abortion?
It falls under the right to privacy, as implied in the 14th Amendment (according to the Supreme Court). It's often discussed with "penumbral" rights, which are those implied by the Constitutional rights explicitly enumerated, but not outright spelled out themselves. (The 9th Amendment was used...

Are you supprised by the trend of younger people oppose abortion in greater numbers than the 65 and up crowd?
That's because all the abortion supporters aborted their own genes off the planet while the christians had 4 kids per family.

Is there a dog abortion pill?
next time you should make the other dog wear a condom