Q: How do you convince your mom not to abort her baby?

A:From our video partners Pregnancy Taking care of yourself with baby on the way. TELL HER IT IS JUST THE SAME AS KILLING YOU,THE BABY IS STILL A PRECIOUS LIFE . ...Read More »

Q: What is all this talk about aborting babies?

A:Yeah I saw one question about it, and I don't think they're joking around. I just felt sad for their babies. Yeah, you can report them but maybe it's better if ...Read More »

Q: Why Were Millions Upset by Mom Who Aborted Twin Babies?

A:The bullshit meter is off the scale.Read More »

Q: How to talk my mom out if making me get an abortion?

A:Just be honest with her. How old are you? My sister in laws parents wanted her to have one... but she chose not to. It is your baby, and your body... no one can...Read More »

Q: How can I talk my mom into letting us have the baby?

A:Well, you shouldn't have to talk her into it. It is your child and it is up to ...Read More »

abortion baby talking to mom

From the Baby s Perspective. They don t.My Mom and Dad are yelling, saying, what if it s a sin?.I ve heard them talk "cesarean" my brother came that way,
Mom! Look I am starting to grow! / It has been twenty-four hours and you don t even know t. Published at.I don t know who you are talking to, or what you are talking about, But I do.Man, only 39 weeks and I will be a full grown baby! Hey, do .
He started to talk about something called.I know abortion wasn t rainbows and flowers for me- it was painful, expensive and something I never want to do.My mom still calls me her baby as well, but obviously I m not one.
There was a letter along time ago, it was a baby talking to her.the injection for the abortion clearly and heartrendingly. the last line was .
The Story of An Aborted Baby Hi, Mommy.I m going to be your only child, and you ll call me.He started to talk about something called
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Vacuum aspiration or medical abortion?
Adoption is a GREAT option. You had an abortion before, so you obviously know that you are fertile, take better preventative measures to not get pregnant and you wont have to go through something like this again

Non-religious people - why is abortion wrong?
Without resort to religion, I would say that any society that deems any human beings "non-persons" and justifies destroying them because they are "unwanted" has crossed into some dangerous terrirory. Our prisons, old-age homes, mental institutions, holeless shelters and AIDS hospices are filled...

When you see a Tea Party rally do you see Stop Spending signs or religious or abortion signs?
Any large rally has it's share of kooks. I'm sure you'll see signs at a large Tea Party rally comparing Obama to Hitler or Satan, or bring God back or whatever. And then again, a large Liberal Rally often has pro-communism signs, or depicts Bush as Hitler or Satan. Comes with the territory...

Abortion fees?
I found this for you I hope it helps you, How to find a provider Some of the large public hospitals in Melbourne and some rural hospitals provide abortion services. Private services are listed in the Yellow Pages under ‘abortion’. Your GP, community health service or women’s health service...

I had a chemical abortion. i noticed a super foul odor of blood (as if rotten) discharge on my 8th day?
You need to immediately call your doctor and tell them you had a miscarriage and you need to arrange a DNC. A DNC procedure is normal post miscarriage and not illegal. I have attached information for you. You will be fine if you do this. The extra contents of your pregnancy needs to be eliminated...