Q: How do you convince your mom not to abort her baby?

A:From our video partners Pregnancy Taking care of yourself with baby on the way. TELL HER IT IS JUST THE SAME AS KILLING YOU,THE BABY IS STILL A PRECIOUS LIFE . ...Read More »

Q: What is all this talk about aborting babies?

A:Yeah I saw one question about it, and I don't think they're joking around. I just felt sad for their babies. Yeah, you can report them but maybe it's better if ...Read More »

Q: Why Were Millions Upset by Mom Who Aborted Twin Babies?

A:The bullshit meter is off the scale.Read More »

Q: How to talk my mom out if making me get an abortion?

A:Just be honest with her. How old are you? My sister in laws parents wanted her to have one... but she chose not to. It is your baby, and your body... no one can...Read More »

Q: How can I talk my mom into letting us have the baby?

A:Well, you shouldn't have to talk her into it. It is your child and it is up to ...Read More »

abortion baby talking to mom

From the Baby s Perspective. They don t.My Mom and Dad are yelling, saying, what if it s a sin?.I ve heard them talk "cesarean" my brother came that way,
Mom! Look I am starting to grow! / It has been twenty-four hours and you don t even know t. Published at.I don t know who you are talking to, or what you are talking about, But I do.Man, only 39 weeks and I will be a full grown baby! Hey, do .
He started to talk about something called.I know abortion wasn t rainbows and flowers for me- it was painful, expensive and something I never want to do.My mom still calls me her baby as well, but obviously I m not one.
There was a letter along time ago, it was a baby talking to her.the injection for the abortion clearly and heartrendingly. the last line was .
The Story of An Aborted Baby Hi, Mommy.I m going to be your only child, and you ll call me.He started to talk about something called
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Do people realize that Anti-abortion = Pro-life?
A logical argument against abortion Many people will refuse to accept God's word as a standard by which they should live and make decisions. That is their right to reject it. Nevertheless, I offer the following as reasons for not having abortions. What is growing in the womb of the woman...

How religion has affected united states laws?
The basic laws of this country are based on the ten commandments! and knowing that we are bent on sinning. if you just read the first part of the Declaration of Independence, it tells you it is based on rights that the creator has endowed us with. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that...

Is the USA becoming more anti abortion?
I honestly don't know, I think there has always been people that have had views on both sides of the fence. I personally think it's very wrong, but I'm not going to force my views on somebody else. I don't think whether on not the person being raped, victim of incest, whatever really matter...

What are three laws reguarding abortion in the U.S?
There are hundreds of laws regarding abortion, a few federal but mostly by state. The standard for any law (per the Supreme Court in 1992) is that the law cannot impose an "undue burden" on the right of the woman to chose that medical procedure. Within those limits, individual states have passed...