Q: Why is there outrage at pictures of aborted babies being shown?

A:Most often they are not accurate: (WARNING: GRAPHIC PICTURES)…. For instance, I've never seen one person at an anti-abo...Read More »

Q: So, pictures of aborted babies are really pictures of rubber mann...

A:I agree with a woman's right to choose and I think without abortions women would be dying from botched abortion jobs. However, abortion does mean that there is ...Read More »

Q: Should We Show Pictures of Aborted Babies?

A:St. Thomas Aquinas remains the model of fairness, because, before stating his own arguments for a position, he would give full voice to the strongest objections...Read More »

Q: What to drink to abort baby?

A:There's nothing you can drink to have an abortion. Go to a clinic and get proper care.Read More »

Q: What are the medicine to abort baby?

A:A medical is only available up to the 9th week using a combo of Mifepristone and Misoprostol given to you by your doctor.Read More »

abortion baby pictures

We have been urging the mass media to show the American people what an abortion is by showing the pictures of aborted babies. Abortion is a reality which is . - Abortion photos prove abortion is the violent killing of a premature baby. Don t scroll down if you DO NOT want to see graphic pictures .
The abortion photos you are about to view are graphic and you may not want to see them. DO NOT click to see the photos if you feel you are not prepared to .
Know the truth of abortion from these babies Abortion photos. Distressing images of abortion from weeks of fertilization exposed to spread awareness for .
Some are indeed the most spectacular photos of aborted babies ever taken that chronicle the truth of the violence and injustice of abortion. This website is . Womans Choice Gallery - Vital Med Laboratory Gallery - Woman Care Gallery
The baby above is a six week miscarriage still in the sac. A baby aborted at six weeks would look like this if the abortion was by pill (where the .
Pictures of second trimester aborted babies taken from Chicago.911 Babies recently shared a picture of Baby Charlie, a twenty week old .
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Sounds bad i know, But how much do abortions cost? Costs vary greatly depending on where you live and what kind of health coverage you have. I've seen the pill offered for free, for $250, and for $1200. It really depends where you're receiving your care as it is subject to huge price inflation. You...

Red blood 5 weeks after medical abortion?
Not normal! Abortion doctors sometimes leave baby parts inside, sometimes instruments, or perforate organs, any of which can lead to major complications or death. Go to the doctor, or if still bleeding heavily, ER!

Abortion topic... How do you feel about this?
i think it is sad, and it kind of makes me think also like a poem about if you have lost a baby to stillbirth, miscarriage or something else. i have lost my first i was 22weeks pregnant and that is what i though of while i was reading it.

Abortion protest?
The purpose of yahoo answers is to answer people's questions, and so I hope that this answers your question. I went to one of these in D.C. approximately 6 years ago. No one was shot. In fact, there was security everywhere. Everyone there felt extremely safe, and you will be safe as well...

Failed birth control - husband wants abortion - help!?
Everyone who answered has a good answer, however you may want to talk with the experts at planned parent hood for advice. Once the baby is born, you husband and you may realize you want this baby too. Whatever you decide, don't feel guilty about your choice. If you are about to lose everything...