Q: How come people make videos of a baby being born but not Abortion...

A:Same reason people don't have keepsake videos of gall-bladder surgery, tumor removal, coronary bypass, transurethral resection of the prostate, or any number of...Read More »

Q: What are the medicine to abort baby?

A:A medical is only available up to the 9th week using a combo of Mifepristone and Misoprostol given to you by your doctor.Read More »

Q: Why babies should not be aborted?

A:Because you want kids or is prepared to hand it over to someone else after it's born, or can't see yourself having an abortion.Read More »

Q: How to video a baby?

A:1. TAKE TONS OF FOOTAGE. Because most of us shoot with digital now, editing is easier than ever. The odds of you catching that moment your first try are probabl...Read More »

Q: How Badly do Babies Suffer when they are Aborted? Should Moms be ...

A:YES they should be shown. Woman want to "choose"..... let them fully understand what they are choosing. If a woman can still kill her baby after watching a real...Read More »

abortion babies videos

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An abortion is an expulsion of a fetus or embryo from uterus.You think that the baby is this video feels pain, but you probably have no idea how painful it was .
Video showing a late term abortion in which the fetus head is crushed to facilitate .Some babies actually require narcan, a drug used to treat heroin overdoses, .
Most of the babies in this video were aborted in the first trimester, by suction. Have you ever seen pictures/videos of aborted babies before?
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What are the side effects of an abortion at two months?
First off, I'm really sorry that any of this happened to you. I'm glad that you made the right choice for you and are moving on. In terms of side effects, it depends on the kind of abortion you had. If you had the kind of abortion where you took a pill--hormone- or chemical-induced--then you...

Does a Christian tree bear the fruits of abortion and homosexuality?
A Christian tree will bear the fruits of the Holy Spirit -- a person buys a tree - if a disease starts to develop - steps are taken to Stop the disease - might have to remove part of it to save the life of the tree. Because we want a Healthy tree. So -in a persons' life - we want to live a...

Abortion to lose weight?
Why would you kill an innocent child how would you feel if you were aborted?You wouldn't be here living your life!I almost got aborted and thank god made a good decision!I mean who wouldnt want me in this world?It just hurts me how people will get abortions and say oh i will have another one...

Why would Ray Comfort compare abortion to the Holocaust?
Easy, Humans were taken to an execution chamber and killed in the Holocaust, Humans were taken and ripped from their mothers in a Clinic and killed, Both were innocent. easy comparrion to say that unborn were not human is purely Bunk, The Jews were guilty of being Jews, and were, according...