Q: Where can I get an abortion in Austin, TX?

A:Dummy. Cheaters always get caught. First off, you shouldnt have cheated. Second, you shouldnt be with someone that young. Third, you should have used protection...Read More »

Q: How much do a abortion cost for a teen in austin?

A:It's the same price for everybody regardless of their age. A medical abortion on average is $500 in the US. After that it depends on how far along you are and w...Read More »

Q: Grandparents blog-Dedicated to Austin and Isabella Did DHS pressu...

A:A DEPARTMENT OF Human Services caseworker pressured a pregnant Mayfair teenager to undergo a late-term abortion by threatening to take away either her toddler o...Read More »

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Austin Women s Health Center provides abortion services and women s health care in central Texas. Abortion Services - Contact Us - About Us - Other Services
Visit South Austin Health Center for family planning services, including STD testing and abortions. Make an appointment with Planned Parenthood. Birth Control - HIV Testing - Men's Health Care - Women's Health Care
Find a list of pregnancy clinics located in Austin that provide abortion services, birth control, sonograms, and pregnancy counseling to teens.
Reviews on Abortion clinics in Austin, TX Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas, Vitae Clinic of Austin, Austin Women s Health Center, Whole Woman s Health Of .
8 Reviews of Austin Women s Health Center "I m so grateful for this practice and especially for Dr. Massman and his staff. As a strong abortion advocate in Texas .
Texas abortion clinic directory listing abortion, abortion clinics,abortion prices,. Abortion clinics in Austin, Beaumont, Bryan, Corpus Christi, Dallas, El Paso, .
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What are the physical side effect of abortion?
If done correctly, there should be no physical side effects. It's going to probably take you a couple days to recover from the procedure, but there shouldn't be any physical damage/risks to your body after wards. Good Luck.

Do you think that MAYBE we can direct abortion questions and statements to the political or women's health sec?
i didnt read anything about the abortion post but i agree with you.. i lost a baby and cant get pregnant easily.. so it truely upsets me when these young wiper snappers get pg and don't want the thing.. so keep your damn legs crossed and grow up.. thanks for postin this. ha i love it

Where did this misconception about abortion come from?
I agree with one of the answers about it being lowered. In one country (sorry I forgot which one) the limit for having an abortion is 21 weeks. By then it's really pretty much a baby. At 21 weeks, that is just horrible. Its literally murdering your child. But, I think abortion is acceptable...

Why is abortion not wrong?
I am pro-choice and here is why: 1. Whether or not you consider abortion "murder" is subjective. Everyone can have their own opinion on whether life begins at conception or not. But should your opinion force every woman who has an unwanted pregnancy to listen to you? No, it shouldn't. That's...

Does any one agree that abortion over 12 weeks is wrong?
As a person who works in the medical field I am not afraid to admit that I am against abortions after 12 weeks. But my reasoning is different than that of the ones I have read here. The further along you are when you have an abortion the more dangerous it becomes to your physical and mental...