Q: Where can I get an abortion in Austin, TX?

A:Dummy. Cheaters always get caught. First off, you shouldnt have cheated. Second, you shouldnt be with someone that young. Third, you should have used protection...Read More »

Q: How much do a abortion cost for a teen in austin?

A:It's the same price for everybody regardless of their age. A medical abortion on average is $500 in the US. After that it depends on how far along you are and w...Read More »

Q: Grandparents blog-Dedicated to Austin and Isabella Did DHS pressu...

A:A DEPARTMENT OF Human Services caseworker pressured a pregnant Mayfair teenager to undergo a late-term abortion by threatening to take away either her toddler o...Read More »

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Austin Women s Health Center provides abortion services and women s health care in central Texas. Abortion Services - Contact Us - About Us - Other Services
Visit South Austin Health Center for family planning services, including STD testing and abortions. Make an appointment with Planned Parenthood. Birth Control - HIV Testing - Men's Health Care - Women's Health Care
Find a list of pregnancy clinics located in Austin that provide abortion services, birth control, sonograms, and pregnancy counseling to teens.
Reviews on Abortion clinics in Austin, TX Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas, Vitae Clinic of Austin, Austin Women s Health Center, Whole Woman s Health Of .
8 Reviews of Austin Women s Health Center "I m so grateful for this practice and especially for Dr. Massman and his staff. As a strong abortion advocate in Texas .
Texas abortion clinic directory listing abortion, abortion clinics,abortion prices,. Abortion clinics in Austin, Beaumont, Bryan, Corpus Christi, Dallas, El Paso, .
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Slippery elm bark for aborting?
Nothing you take at home will work when you are that far along. IF you want to do an abortion, you will need to find a provider that will perform one this late in the pregnancy. There are not many places that will. You will have to start considering your other options- adoption or raising...

Fifteen and pregnant....Is there a possibility?
Being pregnant as an adult is like going through puberty all over again because of all of the hormonal changes. Honey, you are just going through a pregnancy and puberty all at the same time. You should be getting the anatomy ultrasound soon enough, so you will know for sure then. Right now...

Do you agree with abortion at 24 weeks?
A baby is viable at 24 weeks--can be kept alive and grow to be a normal person. It's unconscionable to abort a child at that time. Emergency contraception is plan B, available at any drug store. Waiting until you know your pregnant and then paying $$ to abort the fetus is stupid and wasteful...

Whats abortion?
Abortion - elective or therapeutic Contents of this page: Illustrations Alternative names Definition Causes, incidence, and risk factors Symptoms Signs and tests Treatment Expectations (prognosis) Complications Calling your health care provider Prevention Illustrations First trimester of pregnancy...

What do you think about this abortion Dr. slaying?
Their idea that "If we kill one person, we save all those little 'babies' that he would have killed" is a VERY sick justification for their sick actions. Remember... These are the people that say that ANY form of abortion is wrong... In South America, there are still anti-abortion laws that...