Q: How much abortion cost six weeks pregnant?

A:The average price for a medical abortion is $400. All clinics and hospitals have individual price settings.Read More »

Q: Can you take the pill for abortion at six weeks?

A:not the plan b pill, thats only good for the first 48-72 hrs after. but the abortion pill is good until, i believe, 8 wks. after that, u must go to the doctor.Read More »

Q: Is it safe to have an abortion at six weeks, meaning a surgical o...

A:Its safe - sorry to hear that your deciding this. And don't feel like you're alone here!…. *Edit: "that is the most sel...Read More »

Q: Does an abortion hurt at six weeks?

A:I had an abortion at 7 weeks once. They give you the option of medical and surgical, I went with medical, and if you are really serious about getting one done a...Read More »

Q: How long does it take a woman's uterus to return to its normal si...

A:Not Medical Advice: A doctor will perform a checkup 2-3 weeks after the abortion to see if the cervix has closed and the uterus has returned to normal shape.Read More »

abortion at six weeks

Early medical abortion (up to nine weeks of pregnancy).Within four to six hours of taking prostaglandin, your womb lining will break down and be lost, along .
I had a medical abortion about a week ago, I was six weeks pregnant at the time. My first appointment was after only about 4 weeks and I was told it was too .
Less that 2% of the time the procedure fails and needs to be repeated. A pregnancy less than 6 weeks may increase the chances of failed aspiration abortion.
It depends if you re counting six weeks from the mother s last menstrual period ( which is how pregnancy is typically measured) or if you re .
There are two different types of surgical abortion, early pregnancy surgical abortion performed between 6-14 weeks, and late pregnancy surgical abortion .
Medical Abortion At Six Weeks. What To Expect, Tips And Support. : A true, personal story from the experience, I Had An Abortion. Hi Everyone, I have been .
Today in bad news: Ohio legislators advanced the heartbeat bill, which bans abortion at 6 weeks with no exceptions for rape/incest victims.
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