Q: How to force miscarriage or abortion withought hospitals?

A:I agree with everyone it's a horrible decision but I am 17 and I made a mistake. I can't afford an abortion or anything neither can my ex but I Deffinently can'...Read More »

Q: How much will it cost to get an abortion at stroger hospital?

A:$50, but you have to be in your first trimester and somehow get through their impossible phone line on a week when they're performing their limited number of pr...Read More »

Q: Is abortion free in Spain hospitals?

A:Yes it is. Please read more about the access to abortion though. The best bet is to go to a private hospital it seems. And I'm not so sure it's free if you are ...Read More »

Q: Are only abortions in hospitals evil ,what about homemade ones?

A:No, those are perfectly OK. Source(s): I checked with my priest on this one. He said to get rid of our baby too :(Read More »

Q: Can i have an abortion at a hospital?

A:Yes, certain hospitals do perform abortions in a private-closed off area of the building. Clinics are much more preferred.Read More »

abortion at hospital

The next stage is an assessment appointment at the clinic or hospital where the abortion will be carried out. At this appointment, the doctor or nurse will explain .
Information for patients and visitors.The Women s provides a very limited number of appointments for abortion. Priority access is given to women with a health .
Most clinics will perform abortions up to 14 weeks. An alternative is to have it done in a hospital. Hospital abortions need a referral from a doctor.
This page will provide you with information about abortions, how to find a clinic or hospital that performs abortions and care after your abortion.
In Canada, there are only several hospitals, clinics and a few hundred physicians who perform abortions. Since there is a fear of anti-abortion groups reactions, .
Some may only provide abortions up to 11 or 12 weeks into pregnancy, and others.You can also call a local hospital or doctor s office and ask them to give a .
There are three ways a pregnancy can end: a woman can give birth, have a miscarriage or she can choose to have an abortion. Different methods of abortion .
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My friend is 25 weeks pregnant and wants an abortion. What should I do?
Its WAY too late to get an abortion unless there is medical indications for mother or child! I think 24 weeks is the latest that you could do this anyway, but you also need to tell her that is born now at 25 weeks her baby would have a good chance at survival aleady! Show her pictures of what...

What are some reasons to support abortion?
Well, first of all, making abortion illegal isn't going to do jack. Abortion has been around since before Ancient Egypt, before it was anywhere near safe. You won't be stopping abortion by making it illegal, you'll be willingly setting up a law that kills both woman and fetus. Being pro-choice...

Quick question about JIM MORRISON?
To my knowledge, Jim never said that he wanted Patricia to have an abortion, he just saw it as her choice since it was her carrying the child. There is still a lot of confusion whether or not Patricia was actually pregnant in the first place. Sometimes women will say that they are pregnant...

Memo says pope should open abortion ward, bless a gay marriage and start a range of pope condoms..........?
Far better than covering up the pedophile attacks of his priests and allowing them to continue?!! Far better on condoms than his rant that Africans should stop using condoms to prevent aids thus opening the door to increased deaths from it!! Far better to bless a gay marriage than breach their...

Does somebody know of any abortion or poverty statistics to argue in favor of the pro-choice opinion?
Sorry I don't have sources, but one thing you'd want to find would be the deaths and other damage due to illegal abortions, before Roe v Wade. They are both relevant and compelling. Also, civilized societies have way fewer abortions than we do, since they don't hate and fear sexuality, but...