Q: What Abortion Procedure Us Done When 8 Weeks Pregnant?

A:When up to 9 weeks pregnant they give a tablet to swallow that blocks the hormone that supports the pregnancy, they might give an injection too depending on blo...Read More »

Q: What is the procedure for abortion at 11 weeks?

A:Dilation and suction curettage (D&C) is the method. The doctor will insert an instrument called a speculum into the vagina to hold the vaginal walls apart. Then...Read More »

Q: How is an 8 week foetus aborted?

A:hi the hospital or clinic will do a scrape which takes less than 5 mins. it don't hurt but may be uncomfortable. i had a termination done when i was 8 weeks pre...Read More »

Q: How can abort after 8 weeks?

A:If you dont wanna have 2 then dont have any It is already paintful as it is (i assume, never been there) can imagine if you have to choose one of themRead More »

Q: How much is an abortion if your 8 weeks pregnant?

A:Please don't do it. There are so many parents who want a child and cannot have it. My dad's gf got pregnant when he was 19. They gave the child up for adoption....Read More »

abortion at 8 weeks procedure

An abortion is the medical process of ending a pregnancy so that it does not result.Depending on how many weeks you have been pregnant, the pregnancy is .
I found out I was pregnant and I knew I wanted an abortion straight away. That wasn t the difficult decision, the difficult part was knowing what .
Roughly one-half of all abortions are done during the first 8 weeks of.Pregnant women who have Rh-negative blood are at risk of reacting .
The abortion I had was at 8 weeks and I going to school full time and.I had an abortion and 5 hours after the procedure I woke up in my bed .
Abortion by Pill (RU486) Mifeprex and Misoprostol Abortion Pill up to 8 weeks available at.This process is less invasive than a surgical procedure and is highly .
You may be offered the option to have an in-clinic abortion procedure, which is the kind of abortion.You should have a regular period in 4 to 8 weeks.
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When deciding whether or not to have an abortion, it's often helpful to have two things: - a resource for unbiased, true facts about abortion - a good friend or family member you can talk to about your feelings An excellent place for facts about abortion is Unlike many...

Abortions And your feelings?
I have thought about this quite a bit over the years. The wide spread of opinions is incredible, matched only by the passion of the activists on all sides. This is an issue that few people are even able to have a civilized discussion about. Complicating it further is that there are few that...

What Abortion percentage?
I can't answer the percentage but I think most people would experience some kind of mental trauma after such a traumatic event. If you think you have, then speak to someone sooner rather than later. Whatever has happened, you can and will feel better.

What are the laws for abortion in Tennessee?
you need parental consent, unless you get it court approved or it is a medical emergency (ie you are going to die if you don't get an abortion) you can also get it without concent if you are the victim of incest or parental abuse.

Experience with in-clinic abortion?
You don't just make an appointment, go in and get an abortion. There are several steps to the process, some depending on your state. Most states require counselling and an ultrasound scan prior to any procedure. You'll also have a medical examination to determine which method can be used and...