Q: Can you get a abortion at 7weeks pregnant?

A:Depends on where you live and that countries laws but in general it is allowed in the first trimester. In the US it's legal up to week 20 or 24.Read More »

Q: Can i get a abortion at 7 weeks pregnant?

A:Yes you can. Just contact a clinic or doctor.Read More »

Q: Is a d&c the same as a abortion 7 -8 weeks pregnant no heartbeat?

A:A D&C is the same procedure as an abortion, however, like everyone else has said, YOU are not terminating the baby. The baby has already passed away if there is...Read More »

Q: Is it to late to get an abortion pill if your 7 weeks pregnant?

A:No! Always verify the answers you get on this subject because if only pro-lifers are here to answer, they will lie to you. There are two NON surgical procedures...Read More »

Q: Please help me.1) can i do abortion on my 7weeks pregnant, 2) wha...

A:Hi Zulika. You can have an abortion at 7 weeks, it is better to have one under twelve weeks. There are a couple of types, medical abortions in which you take a ...Read More »

abortion at 7 weeks pregnant

licensed clinic. There are a number of different medical and surgical methods of abortion.Early medical abortion (up to nine weeks of pregnancy). An early .
A medical abortion must be done very early in a pregnancy, usually within 7 weeks from the first day of your last period. For more information on how a medical .
I had an abortion At 7 weeks , I keep crying and crying about it.Am also 7 weeks pregnant and i waz thinking to have an abortion next .
7 weeks pregnant and thinkin about abortion.its very sad, because i love this 7 weeks old tiny baby, but his father just dont listen to me. hes .
I had an early medical abortion yesterday at about 7 weeks pregnant. I used this website a lot in the last couple of weeks and it helped to read other people.
An early pregnancy must be documented by high quality vaginal ultrasound and a.First trimester abortions are performed from 7-12 weeks from the last normal .
If you have no other means, doing the medical abortion is still much safer than. For pregnancies from 49 to 64 days (7 to 9 weeks), 0,2% of the women might .
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Iam 23 old in early preganancy can we do abortion if it was done what was the side effects?
* Heavy Bleeding - Some bleeding after abortion is normal. However, if the cervix is torn or the uterus is punctured, there is a risk of severe bleeding known as hemorrhaging. When this happens, a blood transfusion may be required. Severe bleeding is also a risk with the use of RU486. One...

Abortion in Ohio?
I had an abortion in Ohio, and a counselor actually talks to you alone to make sure that this is your decision, and no one is forcing it on you, and that is only the first visit, you have to go back again for the the actual procedure, so I wouldn't think that parents would be able to force...

Does it matter to you that Obama is for the grisly procedure of partial birth abortion?
Well, you are painting a half picture here. Obama opposed the federal ban on partial birth abortion because of the subtleties that Republicans don't want you to know about. First, he felt that any law banning partial birth abortion should contain an exception for the health of the mother...

How could anyone support Partial Birth Abortion ??
You can not have any humanity left and actually support partial-birth Abortion. The fact is that most arguments for it are complete BS,and those who support it either know that,are so ignorant their opinions shouldn't even count. The idea that it's only used in severe cases in order to save...

What is the negative effects of abortion to the mother?
If she feels that she has made the right decision, none. And she doesn't need any of this anti rubbish being peddled by the usual suspects. If she wants to concieve again, she can. What I want to ask the antis is this - why do you feel the need to harrass women outside abortion clinics? Why...