Q: Why are abortions at 6 months allowed?

A:I am pro choice. And I agree, it is a little too late. But not all women know that they are pregnant at this point. It sounds silly but it's true. Under normal ...Read More »

Q: Can you abort at 6 months?

A:Some states do it up the 24th week. But it will require a medical procedure, so you'll need to talk to a proper Ob/Gyn doctor about it. At 6 months you might wa...Read More »

Q: Where can you have an abortion at 6 months?

A:You shouldn't have an abortion period.... If you have an abortion now it is outright MURDER... It would have been murder anyway but now it is fully formed and j...Read More »

Q: Why would someone get an abortion at 6 months?

A:Some reasons: 1. Fetus is no longer viable. 2. Fetus will not be viable. 3. Pregnancy poses health risk to mother. 4. No desire to be parent, didn't realize was...Read More »

Q: Can you get an abortion at 6 months?

A:Not Medical/Legal Advice: 24 weeks/6months is the latest you can get an abortion.Abortions can only take place after 24 weeks if there are health complications.Read More »

abortion at 6 months

A spontaneous abortion, or miscarriage, occurs when the fetus stops growing and.A few abortions occur in the second trimester (4 to 6 months of pregnancy).
There are some clinics that will do an abortion up to around 26 weeks. After this time the baby can survive on its own out of the womb and you .
Actually i beg to differ i got an abortion at 6 months my boyfriend forced me to get pregnant plus threw away my birthcontrol.And broke condoms purposely i .
Confronted with desperately ill unborn twins and great risks to her own health, a young woman steps into a political minefield. By Gina .
A pregnant Chinese mother was dragged from her home and forced to have an abortion at six months because she already has a child.
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I'm wondering about other stories of women who had abortions and then they had lives in which they got lessons
That is so sad for those women. As a Christian, my beliefs in God could never conceive of having an abortion..., the life He gives is so precious and He sacrificed His Son for each life that is born. Every person experiences things in their own life that can only be enterpreted by them.....

What are womens rights in geting abortions?
Well.. they should be able to get an abortion without parental consent. And up to to 24 weeks (I believe, is the law). There should be privacy, as with all medical procedures. And I think it should be government funded (if no insurance covers it). But it's not. Women pay out of their a$$es...

Would small government "pro lifers" be prepared to deal with a society without abortion?
Grand Theft Pants - there is one abortion clinic in MS. Its in Jackson. They make you have an appointment then wait 24 hours. Pro lifers abusing people outside. Poor people have a very hard time getting an abortion there

What is Post Abortion Stress Syndrome?
You are asking "How would you get help for it". In my case, I was totally unconscious. My sister only took care of me at that time. She is now settled in London. It happened about two years ago. For your other questions, it all depends. What type of help do you expect. In my case, I was totally...

Why are people saying all these white, pro-life Republicans would reconsider their position on abortion?
I'm one of those "Pro-Life Republicans" and when the question of rape enters the scenario all bets are off. The call belongs to the victim and only to the victim of the rape. And as for the name of the rapist, that is totally a mute point and, as I previously stated the call to abort the...