Q: Is abortion legal in 18 weeks?

A:If you are in the US yes you can but there are not abortion providers in all states from 15 weeks so you might have to go out of state. You find all abortion pr...Read More »

Q: What is the latest legal week for an abortion?

A:zero. PRO-LIFE! You knew the consequences for having sex, and now you have to deal with them. Abortion is like robbing a store and not getting punished for it. ...Read More »

Q: For how many weeks is abortion legal?

A:No, abortion is not legal throughout the pregnancy. That is the extreme right to life agenda who makes that claim in order to outrage people. Abortion is illega...Read More »

Q: What kind of medical abortion pill can you take if you are 2-3 we...

A:From our video partners Pregnancy Taking care of yourself with baby on the way. You have to go to a clinic and get a prescription. They will examine you and sen...Read More »

Q: What happens to a 23 week fetus after abortion?

A:Many states will not allow the abortion of a 23 week old fetus because they are viable at that stage in the pregnancy. There are still some who do allow for lat...Read More »

abortion at 23 weeks legal

Legal in case of danger to woman s 22 or 23 weeks rather than at the 28 that was more common at .
"That makes a mockery of the 24 week legal limit.".baby daughter Isabelle at 23 weeks after going into premature labour in September 2011.
Second-trimester abortions must remain legal because critical information about fetal health is often not available before then.
In England, Wales and Scotland abortion is legal up until 24 weeks of pregnancy, although most abortions are carried out much earlier than this.
The six-month-old was born a week before the legal abortion limit at only 23 weeks into her mother s pregnancy, weighing just over 1lb - the .
Abortion is the subject of criminal law in all Australian states and territories, except the Australian Capital.Up to 23 weeks in an emergency.
New research suggests that the number of babies born prematurely and surviving at 23 weeks has increased - reopening the abortion debate .
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This may be surprising - while abortion is not seen by Judaism to be a desirable thing, it is fully permitted under a number of circumstances. According to Jewish law, life begins once the head of the baby is delivered, or the majority of the body. Up till that point it is considered as having...