abortion at 19 weeks

From menstrual weeks, the patient comes in at her appointed time for her abortion and is given a preoperative analgesic and sedative medication.
For early surgical abortion, you can choose to have no anaesthetic, conscious sedation, or a general anaesthetic. For later abortions after 18-19 weeks, we only .
NY Abortion is one of only a limited number of providers that are able to perform second trimester abortions up to 19 weeks in one day. NY Abortion has .
I am 19 weeks pregnant, and I basically want to know what abortion is like. Is it horrible,(spare me the don t do it! s, please.) is it painful?
This university student was taking the pill and still having periods and very few symptoms. At 19 weeks she felt movements in her stomach and her doctor .
LiveActionNews) — “Clump of cells.” “Tissue.” “Just a fetus.” These are common ways people who are pro-abortion describe the preborn in .
Some sources define an abortion after 16 weeks as "late".2005, 9% of abortions occurred between weeks, while 1% occurred at or over 20 weeks.
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Post abortion depression ...?
Oh hunny, the reason why you're feeling pain is because you were coerced in to having an abortion, you hadn't fully arrived at the decision for yourself, your parents made it for you. My mum went through the same thing and she still feels bad about it from time to time now, so yes it is normal...

Ginger is one of the herbs a pregnant woman should avoid?
You are right that there are some MDs who believe that in high amounts ginger can cause problems with pregnancy...even abortion. However, the amount normally found in food is considered to be safe...about 1gram dry ginger daily. For people who eat it in their food...they should be safe and...

Marriage with same sexes is it good or bad?
It is neither. I would also question your statistics on divorce and abortion, they seem to be off by a mile or 3000 In New Zealand alone there were around 15000 abortions last year and 60,000 births...

Abortion and married?
You have to follow your heart on this matter. With your health problems does your doctor think another pregnancy would be harmful to you? If you are feeling like the abortion is not for you, have you and your husband talked about adoption? Talk with your husband, and talk with your doctor...

How much time it takes to recover from abortion?
She may be anemic - she needs to get iron supplements. I would take her to another doc to get a second opinion - just to make sure she is okay. If you have any more questions or want/need to talk about it drop me an email. ~Pro-Choice Momma- Have had an abortion and I have a 16 month old daughter...