Q: Abortion at 17 weeks?

A:I'm sure that poor innocent soul that your to selfish and heartless to let live for another family to enjoy with feel LOT OF PAIN. I bet you don't give a ...Read More »

Q: How much are abortions at 17 weeks?

A:I'm not sure many clinics perform abortions into the second trimester. You do understand that the baby is much, much more developed than it would have been had ...Read More »

Q: What to expert when doing the abortion on 17 weeks?

A:You will be sedated so you wont feel anything until afterwards when you will have some cramping for about a week and bleed for 1-4 weeks. Your period will be ba...Read More »

Q: Can a doctor can abort an 17 weeks pregnancy?

A:Depends which country you are in but in the US you can. The limit is either 20 or 24 weeks depending on the state.Read More »

Q: Can I have an abortion if I am 17 weeks pregnant using pills not ...

A:Hello, Bongiwe, No, not to my knowledge. Pills only "work" up to 49 days, but they're not reliable some time before that. 17 weeks is very late. Why are you so ...Read More »

abortion at 17 weeks

2nd trimester (15-24 weeks) abortion surgery is very safe when performed by licensed, trained physicians at.1-Day Care Option (15 – 17 week D & E).
licensed clinic. There are a number of different medical and surgical methods of abortion.Early medical abortion (up to nine weeks of pregnancy). An early .
My Story-17 week abortion:(First time speaking Kelllly South Africa 4 posts. 16th Jul 12. This is really the first time I will be speaking properly about my abortion .
Surgical Abortion up to 17 Weeks Included with your abortion: Pain Medication and Local Anesthetic Injection Sedation Available Ultrasound and Lab Tests (Rh .
I had a late medical abortion when I was 17 weeks pregnant.That was 4 months ago and I m full of regret. I have never dreamed that I would go through with an .
Second trimester surgical abortion is performed for elective abortion, miscarriage .During the second trimester, 15 to 23 weeks after your last menstrual period, .
Physical aspects of abortion- Emotional aspects of abortion- How a termination. For a pregnancy that is 17 weeks or greater the procedure is .
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Does any one agree that abortion over 12 weeks is wrong?
As a person who works in the medical field I am not afraid to admit that I am against abortions after 12 weeks. But my reasoning is different than that of the ones I have read here. The further along you are when you have an abortion the more dangerous it becomes to your physical and mental...

I had a chemical abortion. i noticed a super foul odor of blood (as if rotten) discharge on my 8th day?
You need to immediately call your doctor and tell them you had a miscarriage and you need to arrange a DNC. A DNC procedure is normal post miscarriage and not illegal. I have attached information for you. You will be fine if you do this. The extra contents of your pregnancy needs to be eliminated...

Abortion Pill at plan parenthood?
Like the above poster said, no she can not. In Ohio, at 17 you would need one parents consent. However if you can't do this you can ask Planned Parenthood for a lawyers number to go to court and get a judicial bypass. This is something stating by a judge you can go ahead with the abortion without...

How much for an abortion in Pittsburgh, PA?
It costs between $360 - $400 for a first-trimester abortion. The phone number for the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Pittsburgh is 412-432-8957. Your health insurance may cover the cost.

Anal sex right after abortion?
I've heard there's a small chance of sperm "dripping down" and girls getting pregnant that way. Anyways, you should always use a condom. Especially if you're having anal sex. You can still easily get diseases.