Q: How is an abortion perform at 14 weeks?

A:You are sedated and the doctor will give you something to soften your cervix, Then slowly dilate the cervix and then scrape the walls of the uterus using instru...Read More »

Q: How much is a surgical abortion up to 14 weeks?

A:I just had a surgical abortion at 7 weeks. it was $350 with IV sedation. I could have gone through the procedure using only a local anesthetic, which would have...Read More »

Q: What are your personal experiences with vacuum aspiration abortio...

A:You have the entire internet at your disposal and this is an inappropriate question to ask to a bunch of pregnant hormonal women that have very strong opinions ...Read More »

Q: What are your personal experiences with vacuum aspiration abortio...

A:Abortion is killing an innocent life. It sucks out the baby that has a heartbeat (the heartbeat starts at 17 days, so before you even realize you are pregnant) ...Read More »

Q: How much of a decline does that person experience For each week s...

A:The body'sRead More »

abortion at 14 weeks personal experience

A true, personal story from the experience, I Had An Abortion.I am nearly 14weeks pregnant and have a 9month old little boy, im no longer with the father, .
Abortions done after 14 weeks can be much more bloody.".abortion has to deal with some degree of guilt before they are healed of their abortion experience.".
Can somebody please tell me from personal experience what it s.I need to know the pain (physical and emotional) of a post 9 week abortion.
Last November I had an abortion 20 weeks into my pregnancy, and it was one of the worst experiences of my life. Not because it scarred me (it .
Nine women share their personal stories of abortion.It took about two weeks to set up an appointment and I told my parents the night.Despite the trauma of the experience, I have still always known it was the right thing for .
judgment: An abortion was a personal decision only in the first trimester- in the .As their stories show, the experience of abortion in the United States in 2013 is vastly uneven.When I was thirteen weeks, we made an appointment at the closest clinic in.When I was 14, I was involved in statutory rape.
6 days ago . This lady had a medical abortion at 14 weeks and saw what she passed in.of development she was at, and has been a very painful experience.
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Russia's abortion rate is among the world's highest, although it is less than half of what it was little more than a decade ago. Between then and now, while the incidence of abortion was dropping, there was no change in the legal status of abortion. Rather, as modern contraceptives became available...

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Firstly I'd just like to say that I do not have a particular view on abortion and none of the content you have written offends me at all. Everything I am saying here, I feel, is for the benefit of your writing only and nothing more. Paragraph 1: define "rational" people. This is insensitive...

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For what sick reason would anyone want to watch this?

Help with abortion fees?
get an estimate for the abortion and make YOUR FAMILY FRIENDS pay for it since they are the ones that brought the rapist over.

Married woman getting an abortion?
No,actually. I wouldn't think anything of it b/c even if pregnancy with mirena DOES happen,it usually either has to be terminated or the woman will miscarry. Who's place is it to judge someone b/c their birth control didn't work? It's not like she was taking a pill wrong,using a broken condom...